18 August 2010

Its Expendables evening with friends

Kens was discharged this morning. Fetched her at the clinic although she hasn't fully recovered. Mother sent me to the cafe so basically I'm car-less till evening. I'll be having iftar here; at the cafe. Together with Bungsu, cousins & mother as well. Might be going to the param at Indah Permai...kek batik jadi sasaran kali ni.
Ntah apa menu ni petang. Macam ndak ketahuan sudah apa kunun mau dimakan. I am literally spoil with choices! Alhamdulillah ya Allah for the endless gifts. I'm trying my best to not waste any food in this holy month. And hoping this will continue not only in Ramadhan. Insya Allah.

Tonight I'm going out with Grunge & Rio. Since it's Weds so I guess movie session is not a bad idea. Alkisah ticket kan murah. But this shall come with condition. IsPra & T harus dilaksanakan dulu. The Expendables is what we're gonna watch. Note: Grunge, I spelt it right this time. And definitely gonna redeem the voucher from Starbucks* I got last Mon. Hadiah sebab buat baik. Poyo.
I'm not sure yet where will we invade. Halfly excited to watch movie at G*SC though for they no longer sell my ever fav 19*01. The girl at the counter in S*uria Sabah once told me, it's been a while since they last order the stock. Like, wth? Itu local produk yang sah2 halal ok...ndak kan mau banned juga. Are we not suppose to support anak bangsa buat bisness? Orang oversea nun jauh pun kenal brand ni tau. I hope the G*SC team in KK could explain this matter, asap. Aku kangen gila. Walau tahu ada kiosk di Warisan but it will be such a waste of time if I were to stop by before heading to the cinema. Kan senang kalau sekalian dijual 1 tempat...baru orang bilang marketing skill tip top. Wah memandai di situ.

Hmm...hati falls into deep dilemma lately. I'm torn between the ultimatum I've previously gave myself. Worst part is at this very moment, I bloody not know how to think let alone decide. Suka rarify benda simple...adding to the already 'aching' mind.

Sila belajar untuk tenang cik Err.

2 hollered!:

namron said...

kek batik... my feveret tu... juga menjadi sasaran mata aku d bazar ramadhan... let me know klu dpt paling sadap ye...

BibiEr Karim said...

Kek batik aku ke laut tadi Man sbb hujan sgt lebat aku xda brani mau menyinggah IP. Jadinya sungkai sma soto banjar jak. Bah nnt ada yg tersedap, aku sound ko.

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