24 August 2010

Ampun ya temen-temen

Lousy & procrastinator...the best attribute to describe me at this very moment. I am a lousy sister aunt to both my newly born anak buah(s); Zara & Aniki. Haven't meet these both beautiful creatures yet despite the endless promises I gave to their parents. Sila tahu, plan sikit punya banyak tapi execution nan ado. Itulah cik Err. Let's just say...belum ada jodoh bertemu mereka as yet. Ketentuan Allah; berjumpa juga tu nanti. Ngeh~~

By the way, Aariz @ Boy is an exception though because there's no way I will be able to see & bite him without having a flight ticket to Kolumpur. Ever since he was born, I got more info about him from his mommy's blog. The bliss of technology. I super heart internet! Tetiber nyer!

Pray I will get the chance to accomplish my goal for tonight. Together with Mr. R; we'll invade a house in Taman Gaya right after terawih. Insya Allah.

Jika niat itu baik, Allah sentiasa ada menerangi jalan mu.

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