14 August 2010

ChentaHati is a year older

Alhamdulillah...finally, sahur for me. Thanks to mother who forcefully voluntarily appointed herself as my new alarm clock. She promised to accompany me sahur but she's too sleepy she could barely opened her eyes. Being the understanding daughter that I've always been, I told her to just presume her sleep. Aku sudah pun bangun jadi memang ndak logik kalau melepas lagi sahur unless aku jadi bongos gaban sambung tidur juga.

As I type this...I had just finish my meal & now indulging in my ever reliable energy booster; the coffee. Harus dramatic kan mau describe the hot drink. As promised to myself, I made hamcoi ayam. And had it together with the baki spaghetti goreng during iftar yesterday. Rugi lah siapa kahwin kau cik Err...balance yesterday's meal kau hidang laki kau.

Apa jak lah...janji time bujang mujang ni aku buat sesuka jiwa raga. I will not have any commitment issue even if I were to sahur with plain water. My only priority now is the children; apart from myself. Sudah pun aku beli cookies & sardines dorang ni kelmarin...therefore tanggungjawab sudah tertunai.

To end this entry...I would like to wish ChentaHati a very Happy Birthday.

birthday1.jpg image by findstuff22

May u have a bright bless life...more birthdays to come...and most importantly, grow wiser. As the number of candles on ur cake increase today...I hope u'll be firmer with whatever decision u've made. Nothing I could give u on this special day but solely my love.

I learned that things have became rather vague between us as the time passed by...but I'm certain my faith will keep me strong & guide me all along the path. God's willing we'll find the lit at the end of this hurdles.

Moga kita sentiasa dalam redha-Nya. Mampu berkasih sayang berlandaskan hukum-Nya. Dan bercinta kerana-Nya.

Ok...enough with muntah darah words. Gonna hit the sack already karang melepas SuPra.

Bahagia menusuk kalbu bila tahu cinta Nya tetap ada untuk ku biar selalu aku alpa dengan yang disuruh-Nya.

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