13 August 2010

Alhamdulillah...menses lasted for 2 days only. Hormone imbalance I shall say. Since today is my 1st day of fasting...I feel kinda excited although the head aches since morning I think it's going to explode anytime soon.
I missed my sahur this morning. Bloody forgot to turn the alarm on. And that I guess shall explain the awful headache I'm suffering at this current moment. The body doesn't suffice to supply the O2 the brain needs. Aha it's been a while since I last talk like a Science student. Kalau oversea cakap pasal O2 supply, harus budak umur 7 tahun pun tahu...yet that's very rare in our country. Walau itu patut jadi 1 of the common knowledge for us.
Will be breaking fast at the cafe. I don't have to rush to go back since mother is still on her 'leave' from fasting. The bro; Yahya & cousin; Ivan had their iftar at the cafe since the 1st Ramadhan. Together with their girlfriends. Kira meriah lah juga sebab sungkai ramai2...Bungsu pun ndak lah terasa sunyi sangat. Alhamdulillah masih ada peluang gather with the family...though only part of them.

Time Ramadhan ni peluh ndak giat diproses...tapi penat sikit towards the evening. Biasalah minta puji lebih...mau rest memang ndak logik. Bukan pun penat bekerja...bikin malu ada.

Rehat hanya akan bermakna jika diawali dengan keletihan. Ketenangan akan didapat setelah kerja keras. Kasih sayang orang lain hanya akan diperolehi dengan akhlak yang mulia.

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