16 July 2010


Macam mau terburai isi perut bila tengok level of immaturity someone. How downcast it could be when weak brain is given the authority to shape it.

I wasn't surprise actually. Because I've long expected that is the highest level of intelligence that u could ever achieved. The only thing that shocked me is the part where u being surprise with ur achievement. Are u for real? Come on now...it's such ludicrous for u to not wanting to acknowledge it. Terima seadanya sudah.

Relating to my previous post...I actually failed in putting off the flame. Not long after I published the entry...I burst out. But I didn't regret the thing I said & did. I could still think straight at that time...my mind is working as well; evaluating words prior uttering.

Still am proud with myself because I didn't swear nor curse. Not a single line. Ok tipu...except 1 word. No one heard it but myself. I said CILAKE on my way to the car. Terkejut sebab aku ndak marah tahap gaban. And yes, boleh pula masa tu aku macam menyesal for not letting my angeriness out. I'm glad I didn't.

Speak up apa saja dalam hati ketika marah...harus akan telan penyesalan lepas tu. And I have long struggle to avoid myself from swallowing regret. I don't wish to be the old me anymore for I loathe the stonyhearted me.

Meeting up with the ladies later in the evening has totally put me back to track. Kombawa sisters. We sure crack loads of jokes last night because I came back home feeling afresh. It's like the wrathful mood vaporized. Untraceable.

I heart u ladies for keeping me sane. For telling me the truth although they hurts. They never hesitated to say it right to my face when I did or said something ill. And for that, I thank u.

But most of all saya rasa ok sebab last night kita lepak di Yoyo. NOT! But undoubtedly,
that cafe always bring positive vibe to my soul.

Sayang diri anda baru dapat sayang orang keliling anda.

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