17 July 2010

Unjustified insanity

IF it's not because of Maya Linawa Graham...I wouldn't be at GSC 1B last night to watch Despicable Me. Maya's mommy kind of enjoying herself threatening Aunty Pisang lately. So not good Laura. Impian to drag Grunge & Rio to watch Mantra failed as well. Betul2 c Laura guna kuasa veto pandangan mata tahap gaban DASAR dia.

Little Missy; the REASON why I chose to swallow her mommy's menace

Cartoon & cik Err just don't sync together. Except for Sin Chan tapi tu pun aku pilih episod ok. And please take note, I don't favor the idea of going to the cinema just to watch cartoon. Last time I watched Shrek with friends; not because I want to watch it...but it's about the quality time spent with them that made me surrender with their invitation. Or maybe I miss 'Princess Fiona' so badly I wanna watch her berulang kali. NOT!

Regardless feeling partly forced, I enjoyed the movie. So did Maya & the kakak besar. I love seeing Maya in happy mood & love more when she sulks. Cute tinguk tu budak kicil mengaus (merajuk) sebab ndak disuruh pigi Boo Boo Land. And she mutters! Punya aku rasa mau tarik lips dia & gigit sampai luka biru.

It was a bit boring at the cafe today. Although number of students coming are increasing...I sort of feel something missing. Like; something invaded my chest & create a huge hole on it's wall. I've been having this numb feeling quite frequent lately. And I have yet to find the answer for this. Perhaps, the mind has been thinking rather hard these few days. Over unimportant things it is.

sigh I haven't let go that part of melancholy me apparently. Thinking over stuffs that bring insignificant effect to my life is obviously sick. Kasi penat otak & diri. Memang kau suka cari penyakit bah kan wahai perempuan yang baru dapat shawls baru hasil pembelian online.

Anyways, tonight plan is to just stay at home. Kens was released from the service center this evening, finally. After a week being Kens-less. The compressor has been installed; the aircond has been serviced. And the honk has been fixed. Also the D indicator on the meter board. Syukran.

Tomorrow mother & I will take her to Wisma...harus mandi dara pingitan tu. Mau pigi menjenguk Gaya St. market as well. Macam lama betul ndak mencemar kaki di sana. Lagi ada barang cafe mau dibeli. Sekali harung la kunun ni.

Terima kasih Ya Allah atas hidup ini. Aku mohon redha Mu & berkat Mu.

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

cute kan tu 3 org tondu du despicable me...... ngehehehheehhe...ba, jgnla fikir sgt apa2 saja yg menganggu fikiran ko tu.. 4 something that we do not know, let God handles it 4 us..:)

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Adik kwn sy suda awal2 blog psl kekiutan c Agnes. Tula jg sy ada bit excited mau tgk tu bdk. Mmg cute & towards the end tu crita buat sy bit teary.

2. Yes tu la sy mau buat ni. Leave everything to Him. Dia xkan kasi something yg kita xbole fit ba kan.

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