30 July 2010

Three Big Zero...what's the big deal?

How did I enjoyed myself today?

To conclude everything...I had a blast fabulous gontua day! Not that I celebrated gila2...kek berbiji2. But I was overwhelmed with the thoughts from people around me. Text(s) & phone call(s) still flooding in. What else should I ask for to make it more meaningful?

Syukran ya Allah kerana peluang ini. Age has increase but I chose to grow young at heart. Well at least I don't deny the fact that I'll be approaching the big three zero in 2 years time. It's just number after all...no big deal. Umur banyak pun kalau amalan takuk tu ja...no use juga. Ara?

On this special day, I took a half day leave from work. Went back home & took my shower. Wangi2 dulu before jumpa Fuchy for the 1st time. Jumpa ja ok bukan pigi menjemput bawa balik rumah. She's still in the gallery though...need to settle few paper works before I could officially say she's mine. Haru & sebak dada upon getting in her...ntah berapa kali aku usap interior & exterior minah tu. Nasiblah salesman tu ndak nampak. Rosak jiwa tau lama2 meninguk dia...lagi rosak wondering when will the time be.

Fuchy is superbly gorgeous & elegant. I fall in love with everything about her. Specially the flowery decorations on her mp3 player & arm rests. But of course aku jathuh chenta sama colour body nya. Cair biji mata! So far I've seen 3 of her sisters on the road...wearing the letter of B & C on their plate numbers. Patient I shall be for I personally want to wait for the letter E. Literally its 4 months of mind torturing.

Went out with mother...dinner @KR & later catched the 930pm show; Garam. It's another great movie from Ms. Jolie. I indeed enjoyed myself. Eyes were glued at the screen the whole 2hours 30 minutes play. And based on its ending, I assume there will be sequel coming soon. My rating? It's 4 over 5. I like the action parts...although there were few plots which are rather predictable. I could tell who's the bad guys from the beginning as well.

But that doesn't mean I need good movies to watch in order to balance Salt's weaknesses. Like I always end up doing after watching devastating Malay flicks. Salt masih dalam kelompok worth watching; in terms of time & money.

Also sekarang ni ndak kesabaran mau meninguk The Last Airbender. Kind of film I super love watching. J.K Rowling's masterpiece; Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows will be on screen in 2 parts; 1 will be in Nov this year & the other will be in July next year. Gila lah ni punya lama gap. Berliuran lah ni nanti tunggu ending.

Ohoo the other day I watched Inception. Memang sangat best! It indeed was the greatest mind-twisting flick I have ever watched. Apart from Shutter Island this is also another what I called mind challenger movie; by LD. I like story that make the brain works. More hormone stimulated means the brain's processor is in good condition. Biar pening macam mau muntah hijau menafsir setiap scene janji puas atas keterujaan yang berlaku.

It's 1am now...gotta stop typing already. Not hitting the sack yet because I bloody feel the urge to watched at least 1 or 2 discs from the Kdrama set I bought just now. Prince Hours it is. Macam biasa, akan tinguk disc 1 & 2. Then will wrap the night off with the last disc. Barulah ndak keruan...while watching Salt just now, macam vibrate jak kotak PH dalam hbag aku. Mau disuruh tinguk cepat kan. Ahaks.

Jangan bazirkan masa menumpukan pada benda yang tidak mampu dibuat...sebaiknya, tumpukan masa pada sesuatu yang mampu dilaksanakan. Memaksa diri itu tidak baik.

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in THE name OF the WHO said...

aik? bukan ko sd tingu meh suma PH series.. yg ko mo p skip p last cd lg watpe?..hahahahhaha

in THE name OF the WHO said...

o ya, bukan ko 29 sd this year ka? hahah..do not live in denial..ko sm lala mmg fail Maths..kekek...may God Bless U always!!! Happy Birthday!

fatihah said...

Bie... mmg cantikcalour dia kan:-) Miss you!

BibiEr Karim said...

@Grunge: PH as in PRINCE HOURS not Princess Hours bah. Baru sy beli last Fri. Yummy! I am bloody 28 ok! Jgn ko mau tmbh umur sy. It's u whose 29 bah. Ko yg in denial ni tau. Thanks for the wish. 3rd times sudah ni. Woot woot!

@Tihah: Beb, MISS U dearly! Cantik giler color dia aku rasa nak pengsan byk kali bila tgk.

CrazieSexaCool said...

w8 what? bila bday ko ni??? napa nada notification dlm FB??? hahahaha.. nywz, happy belated bday bie! XOXO

BibiEr Karim said...

Danne...hihi it's on the day I decided to pay dep for Fuchy. Kira pre-pressie for me la tu. Thanks for the wish anyway. Xpa lambat. It's the thought that counts. xxx

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