2 July 2010

The slothful cik Err

Oh my...I'm officially sick again. Fever has left the body. So does the migraine. But not the flu. This morning, the nose bleed once more. Clots of blood came out as I blew my nose just now. Grunge is currently down with flu & tonsil. Seems that Jess, Laura & Unang are spare from being sick. Ini sudah tidak adil.
Laura went to my house last night to transfer all the pics from the recent trip. Now that I've finished uploading them in mukabuku, I feel like vomiting. Thousands of pictures from 6 different cameras; what shall u expect? Harus muntah pink hijau wei.
Tonight I will be meeting Jess at Yoyo Lintas. Gonna borrow Keegy's SL for tomorrow's wedding photo shoot. Laura & I have wedding to shoot together...woot woot. We so can't wait to see the outcome. This is our first time working together...nanti tunggu jak la apa kesudahan dia. 2 bffs trying to combine ideas together...I like.

I am at the office right now. Was on leave yesterday. Nothing much to do here at this moment. I am bored. But I don't know what else to do if I were to stay home. Kosongnya hidup ndak da apa dibuat. Next week the semester will start...time tu barulah kau dengar pula aku merungut ndak da masa untuk rest. Haru betul lah hidup c Whiner ini kan. Plus catering akan berlambak starting next week. Sign of blog to be abandon that is.
I miss Bali so much. The clean environment, the nice people, the busy traffic, the cheap stuffs, the intricate deco of their buildings. Aduyai...kapan bisa ke sana lagi ya. I've told mother about the things in Bali that will definitely make her go ga-ga...so far the feedback I got from her is positive. Hence, I can sail on a dream to Bali once more. Insya Allah...ni kali akan memborong. Bagasi yang gede akan dibawa. Itu sudah pasti.
I still haven't fully unpack my bag from the trip yet. Laziness has embrace me. Procrastinator has cling itself as well. Bila lah mau menjadi rajin semula? Sila lah sedar diri wahai cik Err. Kehidupan sebenar sedang berjalan...jangan hanyut dengan mimpi sahaja. Mode bercuti harus dipadam secepat mungkin...kalau ndak, nanti lagi kacau bilau. Kepala bisa pusing gitu.

Have to pen off now. I want to go back home, lie on my oh so comfy bed & proceed with my sleeping spree. I am sleep deprived hence the unimaginable slothfulness.

Love always;

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in THE name OF the WHO said...

i have too much mucus on my body... thinking of stopping taking the medicine coz i think it's make it worse..... Brazil lose but well, im not that SAD...... Im looking forward 4 the final..my bag, oredi unpack the night i arrived @ beverly hill P2.... now can show off my baju baru from bali...wakakakak..... definitely still in holiday aka bali mode... yup... 1 2 go back there 2 eventho' i said b4 i dont 1 2 go there anymoe.... few things i have yet 2 do in bali.. to see 4 my self their self acclaimed famous beaches, cowboy gigolo, drooling over hot bod surfers and shopping till i really2 broke..... (i mean tulang belakang patah sbb terover brg lunggage mo bawa balik sabah)...wakakkakakkaka... anyway, Bali wud b one of the greatest moment of my 2010 calender..... *LOVELY*

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Finish the antibiotics though. Kadang2 mmg meds will worsen ur sakit tapi depends jg sma antibody ko bah tu.

2. I still haven't fully unpack YET. Can u imagine my level of laziness smpi mana suda skrg? Huhuhuhu.

3. I'm going back to Bali next Feb with mother & my cousins. So can't wait. Mmg ni kali mau drooling over surfers yg super duper hot body dorg, jln2 tepi beaches, & definitely shop till bankrupt. I'll make sure xda suda rupiah terselit dlm pasport ni kali. Lalala~~

4. Harus lovely & dead fish...1 to be engrave.

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