1 July 2010

Of updating & uploading

Wonderful sleep I had last night. Woke up nearly noon. Yes peeps, u read it right. I didn't miss my S because I am having my period right now.

Flu has gotten quite bad ever since I arrived Malaysia yesterday. And it's getting worst towards the evening. Right now, migraine is another visitor I need to deal with.
I'm not in the mood to write about Bali. As much as I want to share with u guys about the wonderful awesome trip I had with my friends, I am also dying struggling to get all the photos taken to be uploaded in my mukabuku. Friends who can't join us kept asking about the photos already. Rosmah @ Chom told me to get them uploaded before she provoke more psychic statement. Aduyai.
Been blowing my nose since I reached Bali because I had quite an encounter with fever & flu while I was there holidaying. Penyakit + aku = inseparable especially during vacation. I had a terrible combination of flu, fever & migraine when I was in Bandung couple of years back. Aku rasa tu semua ujian supaya aku ndak lupa diri di tempat orang. Ndak overly enjoyed sampai buat ndak ketentuan. Pay no mind though as I touched down KK land in one piece last night.
Need to do some laundry. Later will continue with the memorable pictures. Stay tuned & have a nice day ya'll.

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