31 July 2010

No Idea Planting or Whatsoever Works on Me

A little info about me...

I dislike when one play fool trick with my mind & frame it to make me admit something I didn't do. If I did the previous mistake...u can't simply put the next blame on me without finding out the truth. Or worst, forcing my brain to just accept the accusation in order to cut story short. U have no right what so ever to bury that guilt conscience in my brain!
Sorry to disappoint u...but my brain works fast. It is capable of identifying threat. Jangan cuba main helah kotor. If I admitted guilty to the 1st offense, it doesn't give u the privilege to place the 2nd one on me & force the brain to just admit it. That's pathetic a thing to do. Really.

Planting ideas in one's brain is so not that easy...u seriously think u're 1 of the character in Inception? Oh please...go back to school. Learn harder & be smart.

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