18 July 2010

Mantra what?

It's been raining cats & dogs since evening in KK. I super love the breezy air. Bersih bumi KK hari ini. Alhamdulillah.

This morning I had breakfast at Wan Wan Restaurant in Bundusan; with mother & Bungsu's. Perut kenyang suka hati sebab sup ikan sana memang superb sedap. Headed to a workshop nearby to fix Ken's meter indicator right after breakfast.

Later to Wisma Merdeka. Ken's needed a bathe. I bought a pair of black pumps; which I've been wanting to buy since forever. It's a blink2 studded pumps by the way. Suka sebab kaki ndak membengkok bila pakai. Pasal tu aku beli because most of the pumps yang aku try & nampak cantik di mata before ni; tend to bring up the 'persona' of my ugly feet. It's definitely my luck to be able to add another set in my footwear collection at home. I didn't plan to shop today but I just can't resist the urge to buy upon seeing the pumps fit perfectly into my not so pretty dark feet.

Budget for this month is a bit tight. I need to be strict with myself from now on or else I will probably say goodbye to my holiday plans in 2011. I always know I have great skill in financial management. Akan jadi extra stingy towards diri sendiri lepas ni.

The family in Kolumpur will be back this Dec. Harus akan ada plan cuti2 with family during that time. Imagine kalau join family gathering sekangkang kera dengan poket kosong jak...sudah lah aku the eldest one, sungguh kemaluan besar di situ. As the eldest among the cousins, I surely need to contribute more than the others right. Walau bukan dari segi duit, but if mau beli barang for sure duit perlu ada juga untuk membeli. Arachii?

I need to sleep early tonight. Will hit the sack soon after I finish watching a Thai horror film with mother. Ada potato couching session with her tonight. Ni penangan gara2 meninguk Mantra petang tadi. Serious shit...I need to watch some good flicks to balance ketidaksyiokan cerita itu. Fully unsatisfied with the movie. I don't know why I love giving high expectation towards our film. sigh sigh sigh

Nyata hanya Dia yang tidak pernah menghampakan aku.

4 hollered!:

hazeren_eryn said...

Tak best ke Mantra nie?

BibiEr Karim said...

Ntah la kak...for me sgt2 tipikal & xmenakutkan mcm yg org duk kabor2kan.

Akak g tgk la...manatau suit ur selera. Hihihi. Bb mmg cerewet skit bab crita2 best ni.

hazeren_eryn said...

hmmm...tuela, tgh pk samada nak gi tgk kat wayang or tunggu je kat utube...hahahahahah

BibiEr Karim said...

Hahaha ada org ckp Bb suka kondem citer Melayu.

Tapi rugi gak kalau tiba2 akak tersuka tgk kat utube tu plak. ;p

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