9 July 2010

Sarang Ee Gah Yo

Jess stopped by at my place just now; to pick up Keegy's SL that he lent me last week. And she didn't come empty handed. I entered the house holding a paper bag filled with 5 Kmovies & 1 Kdrama series.

I'm hooking myself with Princess Hour again. Yay! This is gonna be my 3rd time. Fyi, so far PH is my favorite kdrama. I have watched quite a number of Kdramas already but still it's on the top in my list.

Maybe because PH was the first Kdrama I watched. Hence explain the strong adherence. DQ me...I know.

Mother is wasting her Sat night in front of the tele. She's currently watching Hello! My Girl. Harus lah hasil pujukan berseni her one & only daughter. While I sit in front of Asus watching PH. We share the same interest over Kdramas/Jdramas; tapi harus lah aku yang kelebihan hormon suka. Because of that, we prefer staying & enjoyed our so called mother-daughter movie session together at home sweet home.

The only thing that differentiate us is; mother prefer watching the series accordingly. 1 disc after another...ikut turutan sebenar. While the impatient me prefers the short cut. I NEED to know the ending to prevent the heart beat from fluctuating. Malas melayan jantung yang dup dap ndak ketentuan rentak. Kin panas jiwa jak.

U should listen to the theme song. Sangat best & bikin nangis although I don't understand the lyric.

Too Beautiful to Lie will be next.

Enough with movie update. Nanti muntah warna warni macam c Grunge pula. Ngeh~~

Oh just so u know...the heart is beating unevenly once more. This started last Monday. The last time I had this rhythmic beating...I missed my flight to Bali. Weeks before the trip, the beat went off-tune. I kept wondering & thinking what would go wrong. Tried consoling myself by telling the mind that everything's gonna be just ok.

At this moment, apart from the odd beat; my lower right eyelid keeps winking as well. I don't know what will I be expecting in the future...but I wish for that thing to be good. Even if it turnsn out the opposite way...I will still be grateful. Tanda gue masih punya nyawa, ara?

Perlu sentiasa fikir positif...apa yang dirisau melebih tu selalu mainan si laknat untuk menyesatkan.

2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

PINJAM!!!!! ARASO!!!!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

Apa ko mau pinjam? Twilight & New Moon?

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