10 July 2010

I loathe the name LAURA at the moment...

Home alone on Sabtuday. I woke up late this morning; around 11-ish. Because I hit the sack around 3am. Thanks to Yoon Eun-hye, Kim Jeong-hoon & Joo Ji-hoon. I bloody enjoyed my night watching u guys on screen.
Dulu kala, I have to wait for a week just to watched 1 episode of a series. For instances, Stairway to Heaven & Autumn in My Heart. The anticipation tend to slowly fade as I dislike the idea of waiting. I have to know the ending prior watching the whole series. Introduction comes first...ending comes next. And baru lah isi2 lain akan menyusul. I can't stand the curiosity. Kalau dari mula ada watak jahat, sangat perlu untuk aku tahu kesudahan watak tu. Kau ingat aku dapat tahan geram tengok lakonan jahat tu? At least if I've watched the ending, geram tu akan lessen. I'll watch the series with less anxiety...and more relax.
Anyways, since I'm alone...I decided to do some housework. I started off with vacuuming. Then mopping. And later dust wiping. I washed the dirty laundry as well. Woot; of course not by hands. The machine did the washing for sure. Ngeh~
With house this small...I completed everything in less than 2 hours. Yippie. After ZP, I made fried mee hoon for brunch. And I've been sitting in front of miss Asus ever since I finished taking my meal. I'm in the midst of copying Hello! My Girl into my external HD. Will proceed with Princess Hour once I complete copying the series. Those drama series sets belong to Jess hence I decided to copy them into my HD. Because I know, I will definitely want to watch them again later on. I'm a bit of an oldschool lass. If I like the story, I will watch it over & over again. And I never get any nearer to boredom. Muntah hijau pun ndak pernah.
Laura texted me yesterday. She told me that she's going to the charity run this evening. Which is held at Sutera Harbour. Jess is going & will be running as well. I don't know about Laura; it's either she's there to run or to take some pictures. Jess said there's going to be makan2 at the banquette hall as well. I love food but I don't think I'll be there just for the food. What's more when some of my staffs told me that I'm getting out of shape already.
Aiguh...did they really need to slap it right on my face? Do they not afraid I might deduct their salary for saying hurtful statement as such? Wah drama sebabak start sudah. Either way, I HAVE to control my food consumption. Like; now. Seems that my 'absolutely zero rice in the menu' campaign has NULL impact to my body. The tummy never gets flat...same goes to my biceps. sigh sigh luckily the mind never pay too much attention to these stuffs. Risau dalam saat2 genting jak...lepas tu ia akan tukar jadi angin lalu. Lalala~~sounds like motivation has run dry.
Never mind though...as long as I'm healthy, everything will be great. Turning simple things into complex one was so yesterday for cik Err. She has already move one step forward...leaving part of her confusing melancholic being behind. But still she refuses to let the DQ being go. Grunge once said, it's the DQ being that make me different & special to her. And perhaps to the rest of the PPGs & Posers. If I throw the DQ away I might just be one ordinary Pisang friend of her. Hmm...extremely worth considering words from Grunge. Don't u think so? OH YES.
I didn't plan to go out today. Just don't have the desire to breathe the outdoor air. I might be going to Yoyo Lintas with mother later in the evening. Image of their scrumptious mini croissant has been dancing before my eyes since last night. Perlu untuk tunaikan that craving...nanti kempunan susah lagi. Late grandma told me so. That I should never treat my craving as a trifling matter, or else bad things will happen. Pfft not that I take her advice seriously...but if I were to exaggerate the craving part, harus best kalau that advice dikaitkan sekali. Ara?

Gue mau lari to Putatan ni...Laura just called. Threated me to go along with her to the charity run. She even used the word SUNSET to weaken me. Damn I loathe her. Please make me remember of how did we become friends? IF I know she's gonna be like this...ndak ku sambut salam persahabatan dia dari dulu. Nangis air mata darah lah aku kali ni.
Oh please, rain start pouring now. So I will have excuse to not go out. Doesn't she get it? Kesian bah Kdrama aku kalau dikasi tinggal. Lauraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, emangnya lor dasar!!

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in THE name OF the WHO said...

wakakakakakakakakakakak...kotoh...try lg gia malas2 hari 6.... lola did the right thing.... she knows u r a sucker 4 sunset.... ngehehehehe.... *hebat lola *..... and yes, stay true to urself... i like ur DQ trait since that's the true u... kekekekek...bongos...... ko kena ckp *bertambah*..kakakakakak.... actelli, maybe u shud resume ur jogging activity.. sbb klu kurang mkn, x exercise, kureng sikit hasil dia tu...*just guessing*... ngeeee.... ba, bcuk sa p ambil d rumah ko tu muvies..... byk thing 2 do 2moro.... so, myb sa smpt singgah sebentar.... x

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Lora actually is the true sister. She understands when I say NO. Kakakakak sy berdrama lg msa sy ckp xmau ikut tu. Trus dia "Behhh...napa knun ko minta puji mo nangis." Btl2 dia brabis mengugut ah. "I'll b there at 4. Bagus ko get ready" knun dia ckp. Lalala~~

2. I know u don't love me for nothing. And I love u for something. Ko grunge yg grungek. Ngeh~~

3. Ya bah dlu sy makan nasi & jogging, kurang lg tu kg. Skrg ni sy rasa mcm tong drum pn ada ah. Hmm mesti mo jog blk la ni. Harus!

4. Bah sound2 jak if suda mo dkt. Sy kena diarrhea ni since early this morning. Sian sy.

Lalalouie said...

lame excuse boooo...its the goodness in me that i left u alone that evening inspite knowing u cudda & shudda hahahahahhaa


BibiEr Karim said...

Kijap kijap...kenapa ko bole jumpa ni entry? Kenapaaaaaaa?

NumbF btl oo!

lola said...

i see all things lol

BibiEr Karim said...

No u didn't...ko p bungkar balik ni blog. Ok sy mo delete entry yg sy mengumpat ko. xxx

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