8 July 2010

Harus muntah kuning lepas ni

Note: Please know my enthusiasm towards Kdrama/Kmovies hasn't fade yet. Bear in mind, there's gonna be loads of entries about them. If u think I'm being ridiculously insane, please click the X tab on ur upper right window. Thank you.
Wah...intro harus ka emo gitu? Blame it on the hormone. Post menstrual attack it is. Yes, jadi wanita ni hebat. Because when everything else failed, hormone boleh dijadikan alasan utama. Sang arjuna confirm akan kalah when hormone stability were to be bring up during an argument.

Last night, I went to bed quite late. This time around, I put the blame on Jess a.k.a Ubi a.k.a the Blonde. She lent me a Kdramas cd's set consisting of 16 discs. Titled Hello! My lady.

Tapi harus fikir logik ok...ndak lah aku habiskan tinguk semua disc tu. Being the not so fun me, I watched disc 1 & 2 first...and wrapped the session with the last disc. Ok aku ndak kesabaran mau tau ending...hence the action. Close friends definitely aware of this fact already. Malam ni akan continue the remaining unwatched discs. pffttt

And as usual, mata akan melilau mencari main reason on why I glued my ass on the couch & continue watching the drama. For this drama, the leading actor is the punca. I am aware of the fact that lain orang, lain citarasa. Hence, if u think he is not cute or adorable enough for u to stare...just swallow ur words up. I don't write this entry to hear u condemning about my liking. Terima jak lah keadaan seadanya. Arasso?

My recent well favoured OPPA; Lee Ji-hoon

Suka aku mau minat mamat ni...walau di mata orang lain dia ndak ketentuan, but through my eyes he is my OPPA after Hyun Bin. Even he may look less cute in some scenes...still I love his charming smile. Hati gue cair semelt2nya.
Lately, shoulder pain reoccurred. I don't know what trigger the pain to come back. The only thing I know now is that each time the shoulder aches, I apply this cream which Pacik Niman gave to me before I went to Bali last month.

Best cream ni, after rubbing it on the skin ada rasa sejuk2. It contains 5.44% of menthol & 1.36% of eugenol...so jangan kau heran di sana cik Err. The cream soothe the aches after each application...negative impact; I depends solely on the cream la pula sekarang ni. Lenguh sikit...aku sure akan apply. Sounded as if I'm addicted to it already. Nampak gaya case my addiction to minyak hijau kembali menyerang.

Years back when I was studying in Kolumpur , I depend on the minyak hijau for every muscle pains or aches I encountered. Don't ask what's with naming it minyak hijau. Obviously, memang minyak tu hijau. Hence the name. Tapi kalau mau tau spesifik nama, memang bukan aku lah orangnya untuk kau dapatkan info ya. Aku sudah kelupaan.
Tonight's plan is to go out with Laura, her sisters & cousin. It's Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie date peeps. Planning asal was to watch it together with Mel but since she's still in Tambunan...kami pun proceed jak la. Will watch it with her later on...kalau si Edward jak harus aku ndak kan jemu biar berjuta kali dibawa meninguk. Masa untuk terbang di awangan lagi malam ni. I've long stop practising the skill ever since the Salvatores' turned me.

My ever delicious Edward

My ever cool Stefan

And NO; Grunge! A date with Edward will never considered as betraying towards the Salvatores, ever. I've already made it clear to Stefan. And proudly, because he's my man...he understands my situation very well.

Hmm..gotta sign off now. Gue mau lunch gitu.

4 hollered!:

Daddy + Mummy said...

jam brapa movie mu pok???

BibiEr Karim said...

Belum tau lg ni. Kunun kan xmau meninguk..skali besfren tu memujuk, cair trus hati. Semua demi Edward terchenta. Kami meninguk di Suria. 930 kali tu. Same time ka kita?

in THE name OF the WHO said...

ko pa paling bongos.. apa yg ada sm tu superpale edward tu.. sd la boring.... buwekss... sa yg muntah kuning ni... n e way, after u finish the Kdrama..pass dulu sm sa k... SA PUN MO TINGU!!!... since i've already finish watching Glee.... and WC going to en very soon.. and i left with nothing 2 do in the evening... nnt pass sm sa k..thaaanksss!

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Mmg xda beza coz both are mine. Boring kunun pdhl ko xda tgk pn lg tu kan.

2. Eii sepa bilang sy mo kasi pinjam ko? Byk lg tu movie dlm hd sy ko blum amik. Tgk tu dlu baru bole tgk yg drama ni. Emm ko xmau tau ending dia mcmn? Lalala~~

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