26 July 2010

Biru itu blue

Monday blues anyone? Glad and proud to say that I no longer bother about it. I've been trying to not pay any mind to that issue...and so far I succeeded.

Kundasang trip was totally a recharging moments for me. I had 1 blast of a weekend up there. Will blog about it in my next post. *mode: I'm in rush to update*

Nothing much happened at the cafe today. But early this morning, 1 statement berani mati from dearest Farah blew me out of the water. She said I look plumper. I don't know what reason to deny her remark so I blamed the shawl I was wearing. Also the tshirt. Maybe it has shrank. Woot woot...could u sense the denial hormone in cik Err's system?

Food I consumed over the weekend was too much. Fact about me that u should know...it's so easy for me to gain weight rather than to lose it. I can skip eating for years but will only lose 2kg the most. But if I munched for like 2 hours non stop, I will end up gaining 5kg the least. Try me. That's why I am so eager to turn my "No Rice For a Year" mission into realization. When Laura was still in the UK, I was already halfway completing the mission.

And failure slowly begins peeping me the moment she touched her feet upon KK's land. No don't get me wrong, rice is still strictly prohibited in the meal. But the amount of food that I take has mounted...hence explained the fullness of figure. Gah...poyo gaban.

By the way, I'm going to watch Inception with mother in a bit. Mother has watched it with Sofea yesterday. But since she has promised to watch it with me, she will be tagging along for tonight's 0915 show. Grunge needs wants my rating before watching the movie with Rio. If the movie managed to satisfy the grumpy & fussy me; she'll consider watching it then.

I have the feeling that I'm so gonna like this movie. Like; super love. I've got quite a numbers of great reviews about Inception so I really wish the hope won't let me down. After a week of craving to watch it, tonight akan jadi malam penentu. Ok harus bersiap segera!

Ilmu itu perlu dicari. Bukan sekadar diperolehi tapi juga harus diterokai.

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