1 March 2010

And it's publicize once more...

Greeting readers..

Suddenly I have the itch to create another blog site...that is viewable to the public. The other blog of mine was once viewable but due to some unexplainable reasons; I privatized it. For my own good sake. Only invited readers could read its content.

So what's with this one?

Hmm...I don't have the answer right now but lets just say; it's the perubahan angin dalam badan. Ngeh~~

Anyhow, yesterday adalah hari penat sedunia. I left home as early as 530am...ada order katering mau kasi settle. And went back home nearly 11 pm. Adalah kepenatan tahap gaban. Urat semua macam bersimpang siur sudah.


Nonetheless, I am greateful for all the tiredness. Tanda aku masih hidup bernafas dalam dunia ni. Alhamdulillah.

I've promised myself to not whine nor complain about the hardship in life anymore. Although there were times terslipped out juga dari landasan janji tu. Thing happened for a reason. Behind all those black clouds & horrifying tunnels...always ada sinar hidden. Kan Dia sudah janji...yang sabar akan dapat rahmat & reward paling best.

As for today...life sails like the usual Monday. I managed to not let Monday blues invade myketenangan jiwa. *poyo*

Breakfast at my favourite Java restaurant @Damai with mother. And later this evening, went out to Suria Sabah...dinner @Kenny Rogers. Then teruskan perjalanan untuk membayar hutang piutang.

Glad semua settle sudah malam ni. Balance duit bolehlah dibuat untuk berjolian. Ngeh~~~

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