21 March 2010

Had a super busy Sunday. Left home right after the Subuh prayer.

Berkatering sampai ke tengah hari. Alhamdulillah all went well.

Despite all the exhaustion...photo clicking with cousin sister & mother @Tg. Aru beach later this evening reload my energy. The magic of thing u love doing could give u...satisfaction. Passion keeps me motivated & all geared up.

1 of my 2010 Resolution; to spend my Sunday to the utmost. And I told myself so many times to not make workloads as the excuse for not living life the way I want.

~Cousin sister; Nia Ellya Jozef~

And we had dinner near Tg. Aru Plaza...makanan adalah ndak berbaloi sama harga. Hmmm...ndak mau ngomel banyak. Harus bersyukur. Daripada ndak da makan langsung kan.

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