4 March 2015

South Korea - OK Vill House, Seoul

Property: OK Vill House, Seoul
Date:  18 January 2015 - 26 January 2015 (8 nights)
Price: 115,000 Won per night (~RM 368.00/night) inclusive of Service Fee for airbnb
Property Type: Studio House
Nearest Places of Interest: Dongdaemun, Insadong, Myeongdong & Namdaemun

Booked via airbnb.com.
# Left Pic: Right door is the toilet. While the left door leads to the house main door.
# Right Pic: 2 Queen Beds & 1 Sofa Bed. This house can accommodate up to 6 people.
There were seven of us. My little cousin slept with my Mother & Aunt. Whilst I settled on the sofa bed with my cousin. It was a very nice of Mr Joungtea when he provided extra pillows & blankets for us. He offered to bring an extra mattress as well but I assured him that we're comfortable enough with what he had provided us. 
# Left Pic: Spacious bathroom. Toilet comes with bidet facilities. Warm toilet seat is a triple bonus especially when travelling during the winter!!! 
#Right Pic: Sink in between the toilet & the kitchen.
# Fully equipped kitchen. 
Washing machine without dryer. There is a clothe rack inside the closet which we used to dry our clothes (faced the rack to the portable heater). There is also water purifier. 
# Our 'home' throughout our 9 days in Seoul. 
The refrigerator is located in front of one of the queen bed. Near the television. Speaking of the television, we have more than enough channels to entertain us at night. Without subtitles of course, yet we enjoyed watching Running Man latest episode still. 
# Little space before the main door where the shoe shelf is located. 
# In front of Ok Vill House.
After explaining everything about the equipment in the house, Mr Joungtea told me to change the pass code as the door is a digital door lock. Requires only pass code to open the door. 

"I wouldn't know ur pass code because I didn't see what u entered" he said. 

Too cute! He turned around as I entered my secret code. *poyo* But make sure to message him the pass code if he didn't come on the day u check out. Naya jak orang tu nanti ndak dapat masuk rumah sendiri kan.
# View from our house which is located on the 12th Floor (the top floor of the building). That's the road heading to Dongdaemun.
# OK Vill is located very near to most of the attractions in Seoul. It is connected to Myeongdong & Dongdaemun via the underground shopping street (Euljiro underground arcade). 
OK Vill is located at 3 subway lines (Line 2, Line 3 & Line 5). In my opinion,  it is nearer to take the subway at Euljiro 4(sa)-ga Station from Exit 2 (underground arcade). 

From the road, the building where OK Villa is located might look old & a bit rundown but once we stepped in the apartment unit; we were totally awed with its cleanliness. We fell in love with the house instantly. It's exactly like what I saw in the airbnb website. 

Each time we went to Myeongdong we chose to just walk. It is merely 10 minutes away from the house based on our pace; that is. We didn't use the underground passage the first time we went to Myeongdong because I wasn't sure which is the right exit to reach Myeongdong. So we walked on the road; luckily the temperature wasn't that cold. 

On our first night in Seoul, we walked to Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). As it was snowing; we walked via the underground passage to avoid the cold weather. I just followed the many signs indicating the direction to Dongdaemun. We walked passed by Euljiro 4(sa)-ga Station before reaching Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station; both in Line 2 (green) & reached DDP after ~20 minutes of walking.
# Exit 2 is just outside the building where OK Vill is located.
# Coming from Myeongdong, we entered the underground arcade via Exit 8. 
# Our last day in Seoul while waiting for the airport bus in front of Kukdo (Best Western) Hotel. Building in red box is where OK Vill House is located.
This is my first time booking via airbnb. I must say, I am extremely satisfied with the whole process. Alhamdulillah I met a super good host; Mr Joungtea who is very helpful; never failed to reply my messages. We made a full payment after receiving the confirmation of booking from him. Considering we booked for 8 nights; we were entitled for a 10% discount (more than 7 days stay). He refunded the balance to me on the day we checked in. 

For those travelling with family or group of friends and wanted to stay in heart of Seoul but with a minimum budget; I highly recommend this property. There are few convenient stores & coffee shops nearby. It is easily accessible by airport bus, public bus, taxi (stop just in front of the building) & subway trains. And a bonus; a helpful & accommodating host!

Tips: Prior booking ur accommodation; read the reviews from previous guests. Also acknowledge the facilities & necessities u & ur group members want.  



Norharyani Sanusi said...

Sioknya stay dkt apartment even studio apt jak bie..ada privacy di situ

Miss Nazla said...

Takdak bukit bukit? Daebak

dzuchan said...

macam menarik..lokasi pun npk ok..
yang aku tertarik lagi sebab toilet macam hotel.

Zilla said...

murah..kalau dikira2 lebih kurang harga utk dorm aje ne..

Jea Mohamad said...

Pegi ngn famili pastu duduk sekali dalam satu rumah mmg best.

mrs.smile said...

entry yg aku tunggu2..best ok location dia! boleh consider utk stay sini kalau ada rezeki ke sana lagi

Azra said...

menarik jugak.. tapi mmg jenuh menapak nak ke myeongdong

Bibie Karim said...

Yanie: Memang tulah tujuan. Sebab aku ada suggest stay family room di Myeongdong tapi sharing kitchen & laundry semua. Diorang cakap xmau lah sharing so tulah aku cari di airbnb. Puas hati. Masak sambil cuci kain sambil baring2 lagi hahaha.

Nazla: Itu yang best kan. Penat naik turun tangga subway jelah. Sebab xde escalator. Sobs.

Bibie Karim said...

Dzuli: Memang aku rasa xrugi ah duk rumah ni. Serba serbi best. Walau kat Tingkat 12 nun di atas hahaha. Dahlah jiran2 semua jarang aku nampak. Kitorang jelah duk conquer lift tu. And security pun 24 hour.

Zilla: Thanks ko share pasal airbnb untuk accom korang kat NZ haritu. Buat aku nak try juga. Kalau divide 6 orang, sorang bayar cuma RM400+ selama 8 malam tu. Berbaloi kan.

Farikica said...

Puas hati kan..? he..he.. i pon skrg mmg always opt for apartment. bagi aku yg slalu travel with ciak miak kecik2 ni... better to rent apartment or vacation rental aja..he..he...

Farikica said...

Sorry bie, lupa mo tanya... apt yg ni kena deposit tak?

Bibie Karim said...

Jea: Kan. Nak masak makan tengah2 malam pun xyah risau. Dapur kat depan katil cuma. Puas hati sangat.

MS: Kalau repeat, sila ajak aku. Nak jadi escort gak hahaha.

Azra:Menarik. Bagi aku good bargain ah. Kalau menapak via underground tu xrasa sangat sebab banyak kedai. Jalan lak reramai. Kalau sorang memang terasa gak la.

Bibie Karim said...

Farikica: Puas hati sangat2. Ni first time travel ramai2 with family. Diorang xnak sharing kitchen; sharing toilet xpe hahaha pelik x.

Yang ni xde deposit. Just bayar rental & service fee je masa dah confirm tu.

DJ said...

aku pun suka airbnb if nak travel ngn family...almaklum atok n opah nak duk sekali ngn zara, so takleh duk hotel...hehehe dalam mesia pun best pakai airbnb ni...cuma ada certain apartment suka caj lebih kalo lebih org, mc tak syiok la kan...hehe

budak kampung said...

Mekasih Bie.. aku tunggu je post ni sampai. Nak prepare jiwa dan raga :)

Bibie Karim said...

Siti: Hihi bila ko nak gi ni? Insha Allah dipermudah semuanya.

Bibie Karim said...

DJ: Haritu airbnb salah inform host tu. Katanye kitorang cuma ber5 walhal dalam form tu memang 6 guest pun. Patutlah masa dalam lif dia macam mencongak. Tapi sibaik dia x charge extra siap bagi balance sebab discount tu.

budak kampung said...

aku pergi November depan. Itupun kalau os bagi cuti. Belum prepare apa-apa lagi. Awal lagi kan..

Bibie Karim said...

Siti: Wah ko gi early winter. Bestnye! Dasar xnak gi holiday panas2 kan. Insha Allah, u will enjoy Seoul. Hahaha promo kampong gitu!!

shila adams said...

Wah bestnya..owner guesthouse ni ada sediakan rice cooker & pc x? Sy nampak tv je...pc xde ek..

Bibie Karim said...

Shila: Rice cooker & pc xde. Kitorang masak nasi dalam pot yang dia sediakan.