13 September 2013

Prosperous Sept: Dear my dreams!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕! 

Wah, surprisingly! Extra time to lepak2 in the office. Update blog sangat best di kala ini.

Last Sun I was in the kitchen; busy preparing ingredients for my kueh sales at the cafe. The blender works just fine at first but towards the last batch of my apam...suddenly it sang the 'krriiik krriik krriiiiik' melody.

And not long after that eerie sound, it stopped working. The motor isn't the problem but the bottom blade of the body is. Since I already combined all the ingredients I have no choice than to continue mixing the batter. Using hand mixer! Task I despise the most. Period.

The only reason why I opted to use the blender is because I don't quite favour the mixer. It was stored far behind in the cabinet...ridiculous as it may sound, but that's the very excuse why I don't normally use it. Except in baking cakes but I haven't bake in years; that's why it was abandoned. 

Alhamdulillah my apam turned out great despite me being grumpy all night; big issue with hand mixer I had. 

So the next day, I decided to go for a blender hunting. Was about to leave the office when I saw a comment from a friend in a friend's instagram about food processor. "Does FP functions like blender" she asked. And she replied "It does everything; more than just processing food". That was more than enough to make me jump!

Without sedar, my eyes got bigger & the eyebrows raised high. Great idea. Instead of buying a blender, why not just purchase a food processor. I don't have to worry about slicing or chopping foods/veggies I'm gonna use in making kueh anymore. It also has function as a juicer! Ain't it super awesome for a food processor? Super versatile! 

Getting ready to go to this kitchenware shop near the uni...when the idea to search for the food processor via online popped out. Don't u just love urself, Bie? See, u can be extra brilliant at times. Driving to the shop takes time...and the sun was scorching hot! What a daebak idea! And so I search the internet. Eventually found one at Lazada. I opted for a local product. Pretty good bargain I must say because it was on sale. 19% discounted! Oh man, I am a happy buyer! The product has all the functions I want. Most importantly, it suits my tiny budget. 

Clicked 'buy now'...settled the payment...received the track order...and three days later; tadaaaa! 
Arrived in one piece at my office's doorstep. Lazada estimated 1-3 days of delivery & it arrived just in time. Considering my location lah kan...the product crossed the South China Sea to get to its owner! Super berbaloi! I will start using it tonight for my lepat ubi project. Also for the upcoming projects. Insha Allah!

Kerja keras Bie...demi mimpi2 travel kau tu. Dear dreams, lets us NOT give up. 

1. Puan A, inilah dia yang kau suruh update tu. Hihihi.
2. Why oh why lately adalah sungguh happy kalau dapat purchased kitchen appliances. Hatta sudip pun aku happy ok! Apakah?!


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2 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

ai byk jg peralatan dapur ko ni..semua ada
baguskan servis tu Lazada

BibiErr Karim said...

Banyak tiba2...3in1 trus tu food processor, untung kan. Bagus lah so far saya puas hati. Tapi ada yang free shipping untuk WM jak.

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