2 September 2013

Prosperous Sept: Back to Reality!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

The new semester starts today. And already I am counting to my upcoming holiday? Poyo ok! Sungguh kasihan diri ini. 

After 3 months of semester break, I need to adjust my biological clock once again. I have to wake up super early to avoid the traffic congestion. For the past few weeks, sangat jadi pemalas tegar. Bangun bila matahari sudah terpacak...bersiap kadar paling slow...arrived cafe dengan berlenggang kangkung. And all those leisure activities NEED to stop starting today! Pronto!

Fortunately, today is the registration day for the new students. The seniors haven't started their class yet. So ndak lah sistem aku kejutan badak if suddenly they came swamping the cafe. Early in the morning, apart from the uni staffs...hanyalah burung-burungan customer kami. Ngeks!
I have a week to warm up. Fix the system to working mode. No more in holiday mode please. That phase has ended; sad but true. 

Till then Bie, sila bawa bertenang. Kerah tenaga sekuatnya...barulah bila bercuti nanti akan lebih manis. Bersusah dulu, bersenang kemudian. And u still think people came up with that adage based on nothing? 

Apparently, I will be sweating myself to the utmost for the next 3 months plus. Sila percaya.



2 hollered!:

Jari Manis said...

Loh student lagi ropenya, dont be lazy ok heee

BibiErr Karim said...

Hihihi xlah JM. Saya keja kat cafeteria tu, so cuti ikut semester break. Hihi

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