9 May 2012

Buang Tabiat: Edisi Poyo Toyol

Assalamualaikum; annyeong!

Big Bang & Iris (Kdrama) have caught my attention pretty good these days. Perhaps, I have been too occupied with their things for now. And I certainly will not be able to update this precious blog on daily basis as I promised myself before, until further notice. 

I'm also in the midst of learning the Hangul. And yeah, busy preparing schedule for my upcoming trip as well. I have yet to email dear Ernie for my second week itinerary. Too much things to think & do *poyo toyol*. Alhamdulillah, berjaya divert segala negative vibes! 

I never thought I would love this idol group this much! In fact I never thought I will have one to love; ever since my BSB days. And unsangkarable juga, this Korean thingy buat aku lagi close with my beloved little cousin. Dulu aku babysit kau! And gendong kau pigi sekolah...ndak sangka sekarang ni we listen to the same music! We even talk the 'same entertainment language'! 


2 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

grunge: gila la..Quote: entertainment language...... a good hobby.. sa pun mo cari hobby la ni

BibiErr Karim said...

I thought u already have 1 good hobby. LOL cute kan quote sy ni kali. Susa kama sy mo cari tu term.

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