30 April 2012

Edisi: Paling Trip!

Assalamualaikum; annyeonghaseyo!

Olenmanieyo, maj-ji? Welcome to my dusty & webby site! *bow* I won't use being busy at the cafe as the excuse for my lack of update anymore. Although that is really one strong reason to give. Mian-hae.

Life is treating me pretty well at the moment. Alhamdulillah. Feel uber great although I went home embraced with tiredness almost everyday. Lucky me, I still have time to spare for my Hanguk thingy. Be it their dramas, movies nor variety shows. Kind of life I adore, honestly. It's definitely one of the brilliant way to avoid the people who only knows to look down on others. U could say that I am slowly trying to shrug the negative people off! But I miss my sisters terribly! Being unable to meet due to various responsibilities on our shoulders; suck big time! Talking on the phone nor texting is of no value compared to get together. I really wish we could steal a little time for a cuppa. And yeah, movie date sounds great too. Ok, demanding. Little time sempat untuk movie date? Haruslah kalau sudah bertentang empat mata; 24 jam pun ndak kan cukup.

Anyways, I dedicatedly spent my weekend spending away my wage. Poket adalah bocor paras maksimum di kala ini; sekian terima kasih. And I have vowed to myself; NEVER to spell the word shopping nor anything associated to money usage until the end of the month! Except for the coach tickets & hostel booking fees which I need to settle prior my trip this June. One month before my departure...dup dap macam orang ndak siuman sudah ni. And sudah mula kena panic attack because I haven't start packing yet!! Serious oii, totally blank on what to bring. Albeit that, I have started picturing myself camwhoring alone in places where I know no one. Sungguh pathetic diri ini!

Movie date with Bunda & a friend last Saturday was a total blast! The Avengers sangat berbaloi2 untuk ditonton! Encore show is of full consideration as Laura has brought up the idea to watch it together! Fuh, mau ngedate pun perlu fix date & venue paling best. Kunun lah; nama pun semua suka bertrip! Aigoo.


3 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

kalau nampak barang cute ja mesti beli.. aku pun begitu jugak. bulan ni parah..

BibiErr Karim said...

Kan? Trus smpi ruma, tnya diri sendiri kenapa perlu beli itu beli ini. Hahaha.

lola said...

captain america *slurrppppppppp!

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