7 April 2012

Edisi: Killing Time

Life has been great with me! Though there were times I feel like giving up on myself...and feel like a total loser. But alhamdulillah in the end of the day, I managed to gather back my spirit. Lifted my head up high...and force myself to continue talking the path destined for me. Regardless how long it will take to reach my destination. Regardless the thorns strewn on the path. I just know I have to keep moving; albeit sometimes I have to crawl.

Life is about taking every opportunity & do our best to achieve the goal(s). Although unable to reached what I desired, hajiman choeso I have tried my best. Failing for the umpteenth times doesn't mean I am a failure, maj-ji? It plainly means that I need to look from a different direction; and try solving things in a different perspective. Can't just give up & walk away because clear enough I am not in my 20s anymore. Things were rather simple back then; with less responsibility for sure. At this age, it doesn't seem right if I still have the same way of thinking like before. Mwoya? What did I just say? U sound pretty matured lah Bie oii! Erk S to the scary, ara?

Fine then, STOP the scary part already. Bikin takut kalau continuously nampak macam orang tua2 berfikiran sudah. Anways, am going to a movie date with Bunda later tonight. And another movie date with Grunge tomorrow evening. Something like the flick below will definitely boost my mood to a greater level. Let's get the body moves! Wooot!

A British dance movie...highly anticipating movie junkie I am right now! *cough cough*


2 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Grunge: apakah campur bahasa korea di post..sa x faham..wakakakka

BibiErr Karim said...

U have to endure with that from now. Ahaks!!

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