12 April 2012

Buang Tabiat: Lupa Publish

Sore throat! Cough! Flu! 

Perfect combo for yesterday's public holiday. I tried cocooning myself under the duvet; for the sake to sweat more. Failed attempt! I got dizzier instead. 

No entertainment to cheer me up. The Astro* line went on & off due to strong wind; as per displayed on the screen. Same goes to the internet line, up to this morning only 3 lights blinked. The modem needs 4 bloody lights lah wei. The No Internet Access message displayed on Asus' screen doesn't make me happy at all. I was bored to death. I couldn't watch my Kdrama in front of Asus because the pain on both my shoulders are pretty unbearable.

I am of 4 days late for my menses; perhaps this could explained the chaotic system. Mood went fluctuating these past few days as well. Something I dislike to encounter. Macam piring mangkuk segala mau dibaling.

Heart beats unevenly; sign of it being in an unstable condition. Perhaps too much entertainment! Less muhasabah diri. Arraso, arraso I will try to get myself to the right path. Balance segala2. Urusan sini & di sana. Insya Allah.


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