2 April 2012

Buang Tabiat: Edisi III

Assalamualaikum. Annyeonghaseyo!

Maj-a, I've been flooding this blog with Korean thingy lately. Just please bear with my addiction; in which I  myself couldn't tell when will it ends. It seems like the more I explore about their world the more I become attached with them. I look at it from the positive angle. At least I have something to cheer myself when the environment became too harsh to cope up with. And that means I indirectly save myself from whining & griping. Less gossip too! 

I have decided to watch Boys Over Flower in a proper manner this time. No watching the 1st & 2nd episodes then jumped to the final episode kinda thing anymore! I gotta learn to be more patient! Aja aja hwaiting Bie! U can do it this time albeit knowing the fact that u actually have watched this drama a year ago.   Yeah, I only watch few of the scenes like I always do. Part aku rasa bakal mengundang bosan, memang akan diputar laju.

But not this time, not for this drama! I have to bear watching all of its episodes, including the special episodes. Oppa KHJ appearance is of great attention there. Although he loss so much weight & looks thinner during the filming of this drama...the pretty flower boy image of him doesn't fade an inch. But yeah, couldn't help but to admit I kinda dislike his hair color. And the haircut! Sangat mendukacitakan. Just for the sake to match the character in the original manga, he has to be transformed into that look. I prefer his natural look in We Got Married; always because in that show I am able to watch his 'naked' face! Without any cream nor make up covering. I could even see the scar below his left eye. Muka baru bangun tidur adalah super cute!

Fine Bie...kalau kau sudah terjatuh terchenta harus melambung tinggi tu pujian kan. Ok I am done talking already. Time to feed my thirst now. I'll leave u with one of my favourite song. 

The SS501 Project leads by YaeSaeng while Leader HyunJoong & Sexy JungMin were busy with their drama/musical theatre. 

p/s I am in the midst memorizing & understanding their songs...seriously benda serius for someone called BibiErr! Ntah bila pula aku ni jadi obses sama lagu oii!


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