4 May 2011

Update #1

Pardon me for the lake of update lately. I've been busy with myself. Coordinating & rearranging stuffs in my head. *wink* If it's not because my bestie; Pijut who ambushed me with her comment in mukabuku...I would have neglected this blog forever. Drama! Walhal stalking blog orang on daily basis. Honestly, I ran out of idea on what to write & what to share.

Life been tremendously awesome! Everything around me sails their own course. Pretty perfect. Alhamdulillah. Thing I never expected I will do in one of these days...come off like magic. It has been like almost 3 years since I last bragged talked about that thing. Finally after years of procrastinating holding up the intention, starting last few weeks I got all set up!! And commenced the so-called project last weekend. Syukran Allah for the opportunity given. I've been 'crawling-walking' ever since I started the project with high hope I won't stop halfway. Also putting some hope I could start 'running' after the walking phase. Insya Allah all in good time.

I have tons of pictures from various events; waiting to be uploaded here. I failed to let myself sit & shared the moments with u! Boo hoo for that, no? Memang kau ni trip glamor tau Bie. Ugh ugh. As much as I love writing, I often find myself being at the end of my words. I ain't a good writer obviously. I can't put my true feeling in words nor could I describe certain situation & make people feel what I felt.

Ok sila berhenti melalut...let's just cuci mata with pictures.

26 Apr 2011
Tiara Tom Yam, Alamesra
Dinner with my YS ladies; Miss Kizzy & Miss Yam

Erk sorry Yam...after so many take, I still couldn't make u in the picture.

Hence just let Kizzy sweep ur frustration away. Ha, puas hati muka kau sebijik masuk gambar.

29 Apr 2011
Yours Truly Place
Cupcake & Cake Project #1
for Jess-Keegy Baby Shower Party

Miss Mel; who made the vanilla cupcake. And taught us this & that because she has been involve in baking for a while already.

Miss Heldah; the assistant. Preparing the ingredients & decorating the cupcake were her job.

1st attempt = halfway to success perhaps? Absolutely a big no-no. My over-cooked based for the cheesecake. Misread the instruction & I bloody turned the cheesecake into lempeng pancake.

I went drama queening about my careless mistake at 3 in the morning. Grunge was nice enough to accompany me to the nearby store to buy some eggs & sour cream. And because I was very very determined to make another cake, she was forced to just nod & follow me. Eleh, udang sebalik mee. Dia tu starving juga...alasan boleh beli maggi kalau ikut aku. Hampas! And at nearly 4am, the ladies went back home. Leaving me with the tidying task. Double hampas. Alhamdulillah, my 2nd attempt in making the cheesecake was a success eventhough berkerutu edges & surface because I used an inappropriate pan to bake it.

And the final result. Frosting by Mel. Deco by Grunge.

And I am pretty glad upon hearing comments from friends. Turned out not bad at all for a beginners like us...there's still a long way to venture but I am confident, everything is within reach. Harus usaha & usaha. Diiringi doa. And passion of course.


3 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

ikhlas ba even w/out the meggi

you owe me your 2nd try of the cheese cake


Anonymous said...

aku nda mo suda tengok gambar cheese cake.. sampai la bila tiba masa aku p kk.. nda tertahan sd aku ni mau mengadap cheese cake.. all because of u! u! u! -pijut

BibiEr Karim said...

@Grunge: Ya la ya la dari hati. Thanks mucho btw. Wui I tot 2nd try ko ada tapau balik rumah tu. Apa mau try2 lg.

@Pijut: Jgn bah ko gitu. Gambar jak tu lebey rasa dia nan ado ko pecaya laa!

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