25 May 2011

Review kunun!

I have this absurd feeling or what I called keperasanan that this beloved blog of mine is currently in the midst to sabotage it's owner. Since last night, it has been quite difficult to sign in to my account. The page kept redirecting & I lost count on how many times I was asked to enter my password. I ended giving up after endless attempts.

Guess Google Chrome* is playing game with me. Because I finally managed to sign in through IE*. Sesungguhnya ndak suka ralat surfing through this web browser considering the threat of viruses it could pull in. But for the sake of updating *like; duhh*...IE pun IE laaa. Plus, I don't really fond the idea of updating my blog through it. Sangat sukar untuk menadjust everything; specially for IT-blinded lady like moi. Woot.

Wanna talk about the movies I recently watched at the cinema. Brief talk only though as the mood to explain in detail has wear off; replaced by my slothfullness minute ago.

The only reason why I watched this flick was solely because of the good feedbacks from several friends. I don't know about others but I'm giving this 2/5. Rio Heist played big role on how I rate Thor I guess. Boleh jak aku mau compare 2 cerita ni ah. Hampas.

One of the most awaited film in my must-watch kalau ndak nanti nangis darah list for 2011. I've watched it thrice already. Oh yeah, u read it right. THRICE. Need my rating; still? Tabik spring toing-toing to Mr. Khabir Bhatia for such super great & fine output. I am fully content with ur masterpiece mister! Love the casts...love the screenplay...everything about it. Ok by now korang sure tahu how madly in love I am with NurKasihTheMovie. Aidil has always been my favorite character in NK. Be it in the series or the film. Ala since Dua Hati lagi kot aku memang sudah minat mamat tu.

Phew...shall I watch it again for the 4th times?. At the moment, aku adalah gigih download the series. Sebab aku start follow cerita ni di penghujung...part Adam's 2nd wife; si Katherina has finally repent & di ambang maut sebab sakit.

And this was also 1 of the most anticipated film I so wanna watch since last year. I've watched the series of films since the very beginning. Although bukan peminat setia JD, I kinda love his character as Jack Sparrow. So yeah, aku enjoyed tinguk cerita ni not because of the leading actor. It's because of the character played by JD.

Enough about that...will continue some other time.

Oh before I click the 'publish post' tab; saja aku getek mau bagitau sekarang ni tengah gian buat kuih muih Melayu. And yes, ni masuk dalam plan yang belum boleh diannounce tu juga. Insya Allah; when there's a will there's a way. Amin. Kena usaha lebey as to fullfill my wish.


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