22 May 2011

Happy Birthday My Fav Lady

Ma*ya Lina*wa Gra*ham

Her 4th birthday bash was held at Laura's place in Kolopis yesterday. Since Laura requested cupcakes for the party...harus aku, Mel & Ailin kerja keras the night before. We started baking at 8pm...and kengtangkengtung until 5am! So much of baking & decorating only 50 pieces of cupcake huh. We ain't pro baker & decorater...sila maklum yang itu.

Alhamdulillah all turned out well. Despite the last minute of learning on how to pipe the webs. Trust me, it ain't easy! Especially for untalented people like us! Although ada details guide in youtube. I've practice making the minnie but not the spiderman.

Choc Spider Cupcake

Harus tinguk tangan aku menggeletar macam ada penyakit time piped sarang tu ah...I said to Mel, I hope by storing the cupcakes in the fridge will straighten my super edgy & messy webs. And amazingly, the webs turned less edgy after being cooled for few hours. Syukur.

Vanilla Minnie Cupcake

Those black fondant to cover the cake & ears were made last minute...lucky enough, they hardened quite fast enabling me to stick them upright; without bending.

With Mel at Laura's...bergaya sakan with our hasil kerja tangan. Ho yeah harus!

Grunge, Rio, Unang, Syl & Baby Tia arrived a bit late.

There's the birthday girl with her princess cake. Kids today; very fortunate. Don't u think so.

Maya making a wish perhaps?

Mommies & future mothers lepaking at the balcony.

Yours truly holding beloved Tia Kyla. She's the gadis rebutan between Grunge & moi. Lalala~~~


2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

silanat punya spider choc cupcake
makes me want for more
menyesal sa tapau 2 biji saja
sepatutnya @ least 5 biji ba tu
after sembayang trus sa ngap tu 2 CC
giving no chance to Rio

BibiEr Karim said...

At least 5 biji knun. Boleh blah ko sna. Dtg ruma la bah, kita baking sma2 lg. Sian Rio kan ko jadi godoot.

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