9 May 2011

Just Can't Stop

First & foremost...specially to my beloved mother.

Happy Mother's Day

Same goes to all moms in the world. U rock the world!

Ever since I started devoting all my attention to baking...I have missed watching quite few great movies at the cinema. I just hope I won't forget the premier show of Captain Jack Sparrow's latest adventure. That; I've been waiting for nearly a year...kalau lupa harus duku kepala sendiri. Also the Priest. Semua harus tonton in 3D version, sekian!

Ok now let's continue with...baking again? Oh NO!

Remember the choc sheet cake I baked last Fri night? 3/4 were gone when I reached home from work last Sat.

But I got to indulge the cake my way...cream cheese frosting it is. Yummy to the max!!

Project #4. Another batch made on Sat night for Mother's Day. Ini yang betul2 for mother ok. Previous sheet cake was only a trial. Orang bilang test market. Wook!

More & more chocolate as topping...almost ready. This will go into the fridge.

Mom's for her day. I completed everything almost midnight...just for her la kunun nya.

The RV Deco Kampong. Cream cheese frosting is it's companion. Mode syok sendiri!

Practising in making small bow for Maya's birthday. Kakak Besar requested Minnie Mouse theme for the cupcake. 2 more weeks before the bash. Dup dap dup dap.

The sample kunun. Ignore the messy finishing especially the edge. Laura text & requested for pink buttercream instead of black fondant. Ho yeah itu lagi gue suka dengar!!

Project #5. Baked another set of cupcake using the Choc Sheet recipe. Kakak Besar's Mother's Day cupcakes they are. Gonna deliver them to her house tonight.

Cuci mata & pardon the halfway jadi swirl.

Crucial part for now is that I seriously need to learn how to match the consistency of my cream according to their purposes. And also need to practice more on swirling! Aja2 fighting Miss Err!!

p/s Bear in mind Bie, add powdered sugar to stiffen ur buttercream, or milk to make it thinner. Huh? Tetiba ada reminder gini ah. Apa jak lah.


7 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

macam sedap ni taw your choc moist cake for mother's day. harus dicuba

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi mom likes it..the cousins too. Ala2 brownies ba tu knun sbb sheet cake kan. Ko try la.

Malicious Mind said...


BibiEr Karim said...

Nah malu aku...buat kek ok, bab deco aku fail masih. Nnt aku kasi buat ah.

namronphotography said...

owh dem... my mouth is watering seeing the pic... hehehe... i think i'm fallin in love la... wit da cake... hehehe...

Mel said...

nah dpat sudah ko buat tu bow tu..hehe.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Man: Mmg ptt pun fall in love with the cake. Ngan tuan bikin xbole nnt ada yg sentap woo.

@Mel: Ko blum tau brapa jam I took just to a one!!!

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