2 April 2011


Mr. Tatum in The Eagle. He'll be my date this evening.

And I am very much dissapointed for not being able to join the KK people at the Power to the People party at Tanjung Aru Beach last night. Boo hoo me. Reached home nearly 9pm from work...I've warned myself earlier regardless how long I will take to get ready, I'm so going to attend the said event. But, heavy pouring was all it took to hold me from going. Hence, I was stuck at home 'mourning' my not so fortunate evening. So much fun did I missed. *sob sob*

Didn't go online...like proper online. I only reply few comments in my mukabuku through the phone. Because I managed to glue myself on the couch...all attention focused on the black flat screen tv before me. Thanks to Angels & Demons for keeping me entertained. I last watched it with Dayang at GSC MidVal sometime 2 years back. Gosh, time really flies fast these days. I can't wait for The Lost Symbol. I've read the book. And I can't help but to be anxious waiting for it's release date. Oh boy, 2012 is just too long a time to wait.

Nothing interesting happened today. Catering on weekend is like a norm for me lately. Alhamdulillah. Ada juga side income.

Moga ndak putus rezeki aku dapat dari Dia. And moga hati aku jadi lebih bersyukur dengan semua nikmat dari-Nya. Ya Allah, buang sifat takbur & riak dari hati ku. Amin


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