26 April 2011

Was supposed to publish this post yesterday...but I was pretty infuriated towards someone's brilliant act hence the previous post. What I wrote has somehow reduced my flaring fury. Ugh idiotic behaviour as such is not worth discussing. Nor it to be elaborate. Post published...furious paid; so please consider case is close miss Err.

Change of topic *zap*. Pictures below taken last Sunday. As I'm running out of words to type...I hope short caption will do.

Chomel on my chest...the reason why I woke rather late than any other Sunday. Tipu.

Brunch at a cafe near home with mother.

New 'lavatory' for the children.

Chombee; the eldest one. Harus test market on how the new box works. Siap ada pintu swing2 lagi...at first, the children know how to enter ONLY. But they got confused on how to exit. Luckily they managed to figure it out not long after.

Note: Little Cafe siap nangis dalam tu sebab ndak dapat keluar...geli lah tu terbau his own dung. Bikin panas tu perangai!! And just so u know, that box ripped my pocket instantly. Which means, perlu kurangkan budget untuk membeli-membelah baju-bajan for May. Great!

Got them a new scratching post. So children, no more scratching on the edge of my mattress or on the rattan floor mat please!!

Spot Cafe's evil stare? Konon playing hide & seek with the rat...padahal niat tu mau punah ranapkan si tikus.

Phew...watching the children play around the house; never failed to sooth my aching heart. Aku chenta mereka walau belanja makan & litter sand weekly diorang tu lagi mahal dari belanja makan aku. Uhuk.



3 hollered!:

~ As ~ said...

alololo pencinta kucing pula ni, punya glam kehidupan dorang, untung jd kucing mu...ekekeke

BibiEr Karim said...

Hello there. Salam kenal. Hihihi. Penchenta brabis knun ni. Untung jd kucing ku bukan sbb glam kehidupan dorg tp sbb aku jadi tuan nya. Boleh ka tu ah? Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Today is virtuous ill, isn't it?

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