6 April 2011

Rainbow pelangi

Lately jiwa rasa macam malas berapi2 to update this site. Macam ada lohong tiba2 muncul di dada. Siap keluar asap hitam lagi. And as always, I didn't have the answer for this peculiar feeling. Sometimes I feel like I was in some place I've never been before. Cuma jasad di sini, tapi jiwa ntah di mana.

Because of that, I decided to pay lil Aniki @ Si Jipun a visit last Mon. It's been a while since I last saw him & bite & hugged & kissed him. I've been procrastinating the intention to visit him since last month. Buruk eh perangai Kakak Bibie ni tau.

Meeting the lil ones never failed to draw rainbows in my heart. And eventually replacing the sorrows cause by the empty hole. Praise be to the Almighty. I guess Ernie's right. Babies bring miracles in everything they do...truly because they're from heaven. Seeing Jipun on his walker soothed my aching heart. Holding him in my arms automatically healed my wounds; stopped the bleeding. So yeah Lyn, I hope this answered ur question the other day. Why the sudden visit? Aku tau kau mengaus kan aku lama ndak datang.

Jipun playing with my lil sister key-chain.

Showing off his first teeth. And I got to snap pic of them right on time. Yay happy!

Yesterday, I called the big sister & whined about my painful backbone. I totally think my spine is gonna break apart at any moment. There's a lump around the spine area that has put me to great worries. It hurt so much I can't nod nor move my head & neck. I seriously think it was an attack by a sudden muscular spasm. Sakit dia sangat gilak. Laura knows how awful the pain was because she suffered from it since last year. A'ha...kami memang suka share penyakit. Not long after she 'took' my allergic rashes...I switched place with her; stealing the back pain she once had to tolerate with. I don't feel comfy whenever the pain shows up. Sullen is what I'll become.

Laura came over to my house last night. She bought the Elken's guasa board & massage oil for me.

And yes, she massaged me with the board. Literally; I'm guasa virgin no more. My back turned all reddish after the first round of massage. Laura did 2 rounds only...and her itchiness came not long after. I feel a bit relief after the massage last night. But the swell is still there. She's coming over this weekend to continue the session. And boy, she talked veins & blockages stuff last night. Well done Laura; u have learn my language.

She also brought these; belong to the kedai makan. But those two standing; are mine!

This little missy tagged along with her mother too. She was asked to put the earphones on & sit on the sofa while her mommy massaged me.

"U listened to ur music, sit here & sit still PLEASE. And, do not talk to us." Don't u think Laura sounded so bongos? Lucky, Maya didn't question the order. She continued singing & even ordered us to make the television; err...more quiet. Maya loves asking this & that. And sometimes, we pretended as if we didn't hear her. Or worst, we ignored her. I know it's not good. But really, can we like...answer whatever the kids asked? Too much curiosity could whirled the head. Betulllllllll.


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