25 April 2011


Someone sent me something early this morning...and that something has got me laughing to the utmost level ever since. Seriously, I never thought a man could be that thicko. I couldn't find any suitable word to match his character so I guess thicko could do for now. He has gone underestimating my intelligence *cough* & patience up to that extent. Hence for that kind of a lifetime achievement; I shall perhaps give him a standing ovation. YES? Salute spring toing toing toing sounds pretty cute as well. Hmm. But none of that beats my rainbow vomit I know. Euww.

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Oh please Mr!! I know u read my blog. And I am certain u know that idiot is u. Come on; grow a D already. I got bored watching at how u play the game I have long lost interest at. How much queasy could u be by the way? Are u for real with what u've just said? *sigh* Realistic & insane male are indeed washed-up these days.

YET, if that is how u deal with such circumstance I couldn't say more. Nor will I judge u. Just leave me alone & stop dragging me into ur oh-so-annoying world. My mind is already tired coping with the drama(s) I created...it cannot bear with urs anymore! Go find someone who can be amazed with whatever things u did. Because darling, I climbed down from the excitement tower the moment I found out u're no better than the other swindlers I've met along the journey. Wah ayat!!


7 hollered!:

kizzy tf said...

aku suka word thicko. comel tp bikin panas hati kan.
lelaki skg mmg suka berdrama kan.

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi comel yet annoying. Tapi he is no way to be describe as cute. His behavior to be exact.

Suka berdrama mcm ntah hapa2. Kin jiwa!

in THE name OF the WHO said...

hopefully si penunggu tiang itu paham apa kena tulis sini
klu nda, "boleh blah!!"

namronphotography said...

thicko... tebal 10 encey atau 10 tembok? hahaha... yelah2,aku nda mo lah kacau ko lagi... huhuhu...

BibiEr Karim said...

@Grunge: I really hope he understands. The Pillar Thicko sounds great oo kan.

@Man: Tebal lebey dr tu ok. Hmm apa la ko emo ni.

namronphotography said...

gurau ja bah... 2nd part tu aku tolong wakilkan orang yg ko tujukan tu... hahaha...

BibiEr Karim said...

Tlg wakil sgt...alang2 ko mo jadi wakil bagus aku bambu ko skali. Wakil kan?

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