18 April 2011

Omo omo!

Alangkah...my week started with gastric attack. Heartburn! Worst part; because the attack strike few hours after reaching my workplace therefore I wasn't ready to defend myself. Let alone prepare the shield. My med is safely kept in the refrigerator at home. Perfect!

Ignore the unwell me...drama jak melebey tu nanti. Mengada menggedik menggeletis; and list goes on. Those terms describe me best when I entered the 'I am sick' zone. Hence it's better to NOT entertain that side while it is still controllable.

Pictures below taken during movie date last Friday night. PPGs crashed into my little apartment. Alas, Grunge & Laura had to wait for the tuan rumah @ yours truly outside the unit for 30 minutes...just because I left the cafe a bit late than I had planned earlier. And I forgot to bring the things I supposed to 'borrow' from the cafe. Buruk eh...mayo onion yadda yadda semua ke laut. Luckily Mel brought the things I asked her to bring. Wholemeal bread & cheese! Also the milk for making my cheese omelette. My kunun...padahal in the end Laura made all the dishes. Plus the fried meehoon & fried tuna flakes rice!

My lovely-s. Specially the takanons of course.

In the midst of preparing the tuna sandwich. While waiting for Mel to arrive.

Uhuk...hungry again!

Oh Damon Stefan!

We watched Vampire Diaries Ep. 19; instead of the flick that Laura suggested earlier. Because the tele couldn't read Laura's pendrive that store the file. Kombawa Grunge for bringing ur HD; ada alternative untuk santapan mata.

Kasi can Damon enterframe.

And pictures of the new layout of my office. It's just a small room...tapi cukuplah untuk accommodate the stocks also the P&C stuffs. Syukur.

My humble space.

Things that stay with me in the office.

During 'peak' hours...I will be out there helping the workers. Oh yeah; sila tahu apart from doing all the office works...aku juga tukang jual gitu.


10 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

bila laaaa aku mo dtg melepak di cafe mu ni.. ishhh. teringin ni

in THE name OF the WHO said...

from now on, sa akan buat numbering dlm komen2 sa

1. punya byk yg cute gmbr sa, yg bidak ko taruk.dasar! hahahah

2. i saw damon name kena strike sana.. OOO,KO ADA HATI la ni.... my gosh.. TVD killing me.. so all these times si isabelle kena compelled la tu.. and rick=klaus? erghh....

3. madu-madu

4. ok tu jak..wakakakakk

isabelle said...

ko x bagitau aku awal2 ada persidangan soils 2011 kat ums next week.kalo x, leh kita jumpa.huhu

BibiEr Karim said...

@Dana: Take ur time. Ko skg tgh adjust diri sma workplace yg super jauh kan. Hope u've find the children's nanny.

@Grunge: Wakakakak sy is sabotaj muka kamu sbb NO decent pics of me ko amik ah. Manada hati utk dia lei, utk Stefan tetap! And Oppa Park. LOL. I can't wait to watch more of TVD. Kuyak jiwa tunggu ooo.

@Belle: La ada persidangan ke? Asal aku xtau? Hmm nmpk sgt x alert aktiviti bakal fakulti. Ngeh. Xpe xpe, soonish kita jmpa.

Rinah said...

tuna itu nampak sedap..teringin nak cuba..hehe

in THE name OF the WHO said...

how can i took decent pics if you only wear towel on ur head...wakakakakkakaka....

BibiEr Karim said...

@Rinah: Cuba cuba...resepi buatan sendiri. Semua terjun je.

@Grunge: Ya la nextime sy bilang kan...I will pakai lawa2.

namronphotography said...

pttla aku pigi cafe cari ko tiada... rupanya duk d opis layan PCnya ja... huhuhu....

kizzy tf said...

uik tukar fengshui meja lagi ka? hehehe

sedapnya itu bread kamurang buat!

BibiEr Karim said...

Tukar feng shui mnatau dpt rezeki lebey.

Mmg sdp tu...org lain bikin lglah selera.

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