21 April 2011

Jiwa Kental

Mother involved in an accident just now...alhamdulillah, nothing serious happened. Minor injury only. The uncle Apek whom hit Kens's rear body was being super kind...so yeah; it's a relief. Kens has to stay at the workshop until Sun...kerja ketuk mengetuk the rear door. The tail lights, bumper & plat number have been fixed.

Poor Kens, last 2 years I 'kissed' an idle lorry with her back...yang tu memang pecah seribu cermin belakang. Cost me nearly 2k to repair the damages...lucky for me the insurance company approved my claim.

This pic was posted in my other blog *which now has became private* on 11 Mac 2009.

And now, an old pickup truck kissed her at the back. I think Kens sulks upon knowing mother's intention to trade her in with another car. Aduyaii...Kens has served us pretty great all this while. Apart from having to visit the service centre to fix it's forever malfunction a/c also the forever leaking compressor...Kens has NEVER disappoint us. Yang malfunctions tu semua caused by Pero-two's inefficient technicians sebenarnya.

Nantilah...mau fikir masak2 sampai hangus before proceeding with the plan to trade in. But Laura told me better to decide quick before Kens' value depreciates more. Think think think...harus wisely.

Going out for movie date tonight. I am gonna watch Red Riding Hood; movie I've been anticipating ever since I saw it's preview last year.

4 hollered!:

isabelle said...

fuh..teruk gak ye?
hope mother is well

BibiEr Karim said...

Alhamdulillah xde pape. Xteruk sgt. Gambar tu backdated 2009...aku yg langgar lori. Hihi.

kizzy tf said...

aisehh...jd aunty ok jugak? huhu sedihnya klau c Kens kena jual.

ba, jd apa yg mau share tu? *twit twit*

BibiEr Karim said...

Aunty ok alhamdulillah...terkejut jak. Bahu dia mcm seliuh skit la. Xsure Kens or Kancil yg mo jual. Both pun kesygan beb.

Xdpt dlu kestau ni beb...tgguuuuuuu.

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