17 April 2011


Hooo yeah...I managed to give my office a new face yesterday. I get bored with it's 2010 look. I could say the new layout looks tidier & well-organized. Sesi naik lift, tekan & naik sendiri bermula. And if only I could find a place to store all the stocks that currently stay with me in the office...ahhh iiiiif only. Nonetheless, I am super happy with the outcome of my hardwork. I did the furnitures shifting to sweeping to mopping to dust-wiping; or in short EVERY SINGLE THINGS...all by myself! Yay for that!

Watched a local flick; Senjakala at Suria last night. Movie wasn't bad at all...thanks to the director & the casts for entertaining. Specially to the flying banshee! Seriously, u scared the F out of me. There were scenes that I rather used the ears to 'watch'. And knowing that no one was sitting next to my right side made me feel even better extra uneasy. Lucky enough I don't suffer a heart attack disease. Else...*knock on wood*

Anyway, I just received quite a news from a dear friend of mine couple of hours ago. Frankly speaking, I don't know how to react. Ok that was vague. Rephrase. I don't know what I have in my mind. Let alone my heart. I absolutely have no response! Neither news of the relationship status changed nor the marriage thingy surprise me anymore. No, I wasn't numbed by the news. I can't really put it in words. It's just indescribable.

Perhaps, I've long rest my case. Unconsciously leaving everything behind without looking back. Alhamdulillah. This journey I'm walking upon is what Allah has planned for me. Sakit dari luka dulu dia gantikan dengan hati yang tenang ini...syukran Ya Rabb.

And just so u know, my hardcore addiction towards Kdramas hasn't died yet. This time, the switch was ignited by Kakak Besar. She's been bragging oh so proudly of the Kdramas she's currently watching these days. Imparting huge impact of enviousness! Aware of it, last Fri during the movie date at my house she lend me the latest drama series she bought. Or is it the only Kdrama she has? Because all this while I know she feeds her thirst for it; online. So yeah, she gave me quite an amaran to take an extra good care of the discs. Busuk hati that she is...she only lent me 2 out of 4 discs. Nasiblah 1 disc contains 8 episodes...kalau ndak, muntah darah lah dengar aku berdrama merayu minta dikasi pinjam semua.

Brilliant Legacy @ Shining Inheritance. Please take note; Oppa Park Joon Se (Bae Soo Bin) is mine. Oh in case u wonder which is him, he's the one with the bouquet. Boy, why does their films have to be awfully awesome? Jatuh chenta banyak kali!!!

As always, when Kdrama is in my hands...I'll hook myself to it during leisure time. Good bye Sudoku...good bye cinema. Erm, I think the latter should be waived. Itu ketara penipuan. Ahaks.

p/s I'm not even done folding the clothes yet already I diverted my attention to BL. *pingsan* And also the update of the PPGs movie date last Fri night. Aduyaiii.


4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

1. is it what I think it is?
The r/ship status changes?

2. keteh..ada hati mo tingu last part of the KD....x kena bagi..hahahah

3.next friday muvi cud be after the BS. coz tis friday good friday, p church and next friday b4 the BS, ada hal sikit. but u girls can cont w/out me ba kan *mode saiko* wakakakaka

4. ba, mn gmbr2 movie friday dr pone ko. byk tu gmbr SA ambil.

5. okla, tu jak..wakakakakakak

BibiEr Karim said...

1. Yes it is. Ko pun perasan. But thank goodness I felt nothing pasal that thing anymore. Peduli lah.

2. Hmm suda sy tau tu ending. I utube-ed the final ep. Kamsahapnida.

3. I think movie date pun kena put on hold for few weeks as kamurang semua mmg akan bz these coming weeks. Sy pun bz...reorganize diri yg makin kusut knun. LOL

4. Byk bah tu gmbr tapi guyang!! Nnt sy upload kio. Let me enjoyed the remaining eps bah.


in THE name OF the WHO said...

let bygones be bygones

luv u muchos

BibiEr Karim said...

Ohoo profile pic sgt menunjukkan kemunyitan ok.

Ya let's buried the past deep down. Jgn ada sepa berani mo p kurik.

Luv ya heaps!!!

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