19 February 2011

Perlu Bangun

At the airport right now, having tea with mother while waiting for boarding time. Literally I have 24 hours to set the mind to working mode. Holiday's over & it's time to get back to real life. Uhuk uhuk. Can I lengthen my leaves? I don't feel like I have fully rejuvenated yet.

Something came up during the holiday. And that has indeed spoiled my vacation. If not more; less. Feel like slapping someone on the face when that thing occurred. Perlukah jadi hati busuk begitu? I should have listened to the bff's advices. I should have paid more attention to the intuition & what the brain says. Instead of just drawn with what the heart says. I wish I was smarter & wiser. But what happened recently has finally showed the idiot side of me. Moron.

Nevertheless; I gained something from it. Definitely. I'll just let thing flows with its course; regardless how bitter the thing tasted for I know there's hikmah hidden beneath it. Allah won't test me with things I can't befit. It's a disaster; yes. Yet I also know it won't kill me. In fact, I feel blessed for being chosen to experience this whole thing. Alhamdulillah.

Will rearrange everything once I got my feet landed on KK. I seriously need a major vamp up; onto both mental & spiritual. Have to lift the spirit up again…and get out of this impasse noisome path asap. With His Bless & Guide; I know I will get through this. Like always. Faith is what hold me strong.

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K said...

By, cheer up. No more sight of those sad eyes. Buruk. Kaunter aduan is open 24hours 7days a week for u.

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