27 February 2011

Pain will heal with time...ecececeh!

It's been days since I last clicked the 'publish post' tab. I haven't as yet gain the spirit to start scribbling & share stories of my bored life to u out there. Eversince the internet connection at home went haywire; I lost the passion to blog as well. Phew drama perlu!

I dislike the situation when I switched on the modem & all I saw were only 2 lights. Instead of 4. And immediately I feel annoyed to not want to turn the lappy on. Having a crashed external HD in hand surely doesn't help much either. I have no movies nor dramas to entertain myself...and tv programs shown are all uber boring.

Getting a new phone would be a good idea at the moment. Reason being? The phone I plan to buy could act as a wireless modem hence allows me to surf through the lappy. Yay. It isn't an excuse to get a new gadget; really. But I seem to had enough with this whole chaos caused by TM*. I've called their customer service thrice...and all they could do is lead me to dead end each time. The only different excuse I got was yesterday where the machine answered & 'told' me that their technicians are currently running a test & system upgrading around KK area. Therefore system will be down from Sat until Sun evening. Funny thing is; I've been 'barred' from surfing for nearly a week already. I've prepared a letter to request for rebate. Oh yeah.

And since I'm subscribing the unlimited internet data plan from Celco*m, I think terminating the internet connection at home might be of great idea. Boleh jimat bayar bil. Instead of paying 2 internet bills monthly. Lagi pula brother is not home for long time...so basically I am the only one who is using the internet now. I could always use the phone to browse when I'm away. Also when I'm at home. Hmm...bijak. Thanks lah TM*; if kau ndak rosak sure sampai sekarang idea bijak ini tidak mari.

Anyways, to avoid being stuck with boredom...I decided to 'flaunt' the best movie junkie side of me. Mother stayed overnight at the kedai for nearly a week already. So please faham dong. Movie every nights at GSC* since last Weds until this afternoon. No movie for tonight though as I have to wake up early tomorrow. Gue lagi ada kerjaan to settle.

Watched my sweetheart with Mel on Wed's night.

I am #Four on Fri night.

The Rite on Sat night.

And wrapped the weekend with the flick above.

2011 has been great to me so far. Alhamdulillah. List of great movies waiting ahead. Oh I so can't wait to watch them all. Jack Sparrow! Oppsie.


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