1 February 2011

Mari Tidur

Just a quick one here before hitting the sack. And before I spoil my 'pola tidur' once more which has make me wake up resembling a walking zombie for 2 days already. I messed up with my sleep pattern last Sat...and have been dealing with the consequence ever since. Tired eyes, body + soul, exhausted system, ready to pop-out eyeballs...u name it.

Hmm jadi habit suka elaborate panjang lebar. Sila ingat ur first sentence; quick one!

Just got back from therapy session with Laura, Maya & Mel. We're supposed to have Shaolin for entertainment this evening, unfortunately Maya was too cute to be allow to enter the hall. The film was rated 18 so yeah, there's no excuse Maya would be allow. Even she was accompanied by 3 gorgeous adults. We settled for 'light' dinner at Mc'D instead. Laura & Maya had theirs at Starbucks before Mel & I arrived. It was an impromptu date. My mood was all gloomy the whole day I decided to go out & chirk myself up. And of course, great company is what I need the most. Grunge has some 'serious' thing to deal with so she couldn't join us. *bluek* Wandered around 1B browsing through few shops...macam biasa, more times spent at kedai buku si Harris. Was there until they're about to close down. And yeah, I managed to grab 2 books. Was looking for Cecelia Ahern's The Gift but didn't find any. Hati sedih but kembali berbunga when Mel told me she has the book. Gila meronta gumbira. Although I'm aware buku tu memang lama sudah yet I still want to read it. Ada aku kesah kalau kau ketawa lucu aku outdated? Ohoo emo gaban. Sila maafkan orang yang sedang dalam fasa PMS ini ya.

Anywoot, let us pat Mr JP on the back for his latest achievement. Repeatedly please. He has move one step forward. *clap clap* From stalking behind the columns to standing right before me. Though no eye contacts takes place but I could still witnessed those trembling fingers. Ok enough with the cruelty! Lucky I managed to refrain myself from bursting into laughter. Padahal hati kembang semangkuk, diri rasa terbang di awangan. Ada hati kunun mau ketawa sana. Kentut ada. I hope there will be more steps taken...forwardly. Insya Allah. All in good times. For now, let's just enjoyed the mysterious part. I am feeling like so going back to high school era. Pandang2, jeling2 ndak lama jadi juling. Malu2 tapi mahu. *muntah darah*

I guess that's it for now. Only 2 non-important things were shared; still it took me like forever to scribble. I've lost my touch to type! Poyo. Sila buang emo itu, menses is on cycle already. I am PMS no more. Great!

Syukur; the melancholy phase has vanished. I walked through it taking along more valuable lessons with me. Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb for everything. Thanks ladies for the time & ears & advices. I heart u(s)!

And tomorrow will be the last day of the week for the cafe to operate. Before berjoli sakan until the weekend. It also means, last day of the week to play tarik2 tali & cuci mata. Come on Mr. JP u can do it. If u're brave enough to ask the workers of my whereabout & also my phone no...I'm sure it will be 'kacang' to just ask directly from the tuan badan. Isn't it so? If it's still hard for u to do...then mari tunggu bersama the time when u finally have the gut to ask. I ain't going anywhere. Hence, u may take deep breathe as much as u want; for the sake of gaining more semangat. Ahaks. No worries, u're not gonna hear any tick tock sound. Heaven knows how depressing that sound could be. When the time has due, I'll let u know instantly. With no hints nor gibes. Even scorns.


4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

tula buat lg last minit
nda terwatch muvie
ada hati mo exclude sa dr muvi date

sa geram sm ko
cuba gia ko yg take the 1st step
ko pura2 tejatuh depan dia ka
pura2 tertumpah soto depan dia ka


this is fun
and make all the butterflies mengganas
p/s: kim slm memel..dia kurus sd tu kan....


BibiEr Karim said...

1. Tongol. Manada mau exclude ko. Deii makan cili orang lain sana. LOL last min plan by Miss Pusing yg paling cute.

2. Mau buat2 jatuh or tumpah soto? Ko xrasa mmg akan jd sgt ketara considering I'm a bad actress??? Hahahaha.

3. Let just cherished the mystery moment for now. Siok jg ada butterflies & perut kembang kempis skg ni. Muscles bekerja at least.

P/s Tonight Shaolin @Dongs.

ladyang said...

bb..kalau ko minat cecilia..sila baca - if u could see me now ye..
tangkap nangis itu cerita..

aku big fan cecilia! hehehehe..almost sume buku aku beli..

BibiEr Karim said...

Aku tau ko mmg peminat tegar CA. Ko pernah blog about it kan. Aku baca PS I Love U, jatuh chenta ngan dia plak. B4 ni klu baca buku xtgk sgt sape tulis. Will try cari buku ko suggest tu. Thanks. xx

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