23 February 2011

Kotoh kau sana!

3 cups of nescafe today hindered me from sailing. And that is only half from my daily nescafe consumption. Oh my God, what has the system become? Less resistant to caffeine already? Ugh.

By the way, soon after I reached home from cafe this evening...I straightaway called the TM* service centre. I opted to talk to the 'billing team'. And was then passed to the 'technical team' because there's no late payment issue with my account anymore. They've received my payment & the line is barred no more. I talked to the TT for nearly an hour...and at the same time trying to fix the line & modem; assisted by the TT herself.

Yet everything we did came to a dead end. Nothing happened to the modem. Only 2 lights blinked; still. No DSL nor data. I am so devastated with the telco. Problem as such occurs every month with my internet line. Yet they still charge the same rate. Without deduction for the failure in which took days to get back to normal.

I somehow miss viewing my blog & other friends' blogs in big screen. Uhuk. Reading through the phone screen tired the eyes. Plus, I can't scribble like I used to. No colored fonts...no bold fonts...can't even put a link on the name/page I mentioned. And to add more pain in my already aching heart, my external HD decided to die on me just now! The external that saved everything important to me. Including my p.i.c.t.u.r.e.s collection! How devastated shall it be? All data crashed inside the tiny black box...and needed to be formatted in order to be used AGAIN. Phew...for secs, I lost the air to breath the moment the word 'please format the disc' popped out on the screen. Importants docs are in the box as well. I was thinking to do back up this weekend but alas; semua tinggal habuk. Tarak! Yillek! Nadai! Natagak! Takke! Nyaru'un! Mode: Drama harus!!!

Big sister is planning a holiday with the husband to Singapore this year end. Double date with Chom & husband there. Clubbing is their main agenda. And since I have quit going to the club, I was being left behind. Boo hoo!! We're planning for an all ladies trip though. For the time being, Cambodia top the list. Grunge & I are planning to Beijing...but I guess that will have to wait until her big day this Sept. Ehem Mel, u shall join this time. Insya Allah. All will be in good time. Let the important things sail first.

Can't wait for another holiday...mau rawat jiwa. Like; seriously?? Ngeh.


8 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

*tarik nafas*
klu sa pun sa gila o
sa rs trus sa bad mood 2 months to come

jgn tinggalkan daku dlm sebarang perancangan kamu mo jalan2 a
wpun maybe ada yg sa x dpt p
at least let me know

sa ni si grunge
sa x buka blogspot
see u during lunch

lola said...

angkor wat here we come! sila jadi PM makasehhhhhhhhhhhhh

tu lah ko retire awal makcik lol

nov kl mali boss

BibiEr Karim said...

@Grunge: Wakakakak sy mau badmood pun xda guna. Bukan bole dpt balik all the datas. Redha jakla. Ni tanda mau tukar HD baru. Wooot.

@Lola: Angkor Wat next year ok. Cambodia; yiiihaa. Xmau suda lor jadi PM. Ni kali lantik org lain. Mau plan awal brabis ni as we have to transit to Kolumpor 1st. Another movie date there perhaps. Retired apa mksd ko ni?? Wakakakakak.

isabelle said...

rawat jiwa konon. ckp je la..ko punya holiday mode is still on

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Waaah don't read me la. Erm holiday mode susah nak switch off skg ni. Ngehhhh.

kizzy tf said...

huh tenet d rmh baru aku tu pun smpi skg nda ok! budus btl tmnet ni.cisss! dua bulan sdh tu,arap2 dorang deduct tu bill aku utk 2 months. huhu

td tu external hd aku aku pun tiba2 pop up srh format disc. gila! tp aku kansel,shud b ok la kali.

well, penang is waiting 4 me ths september. haha

Mell said...

bah nov kl? hehe

beijing i will tryy. heheh. update me sija k.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Kizzy: Kin panas skali dalam dunia. si Norman bilang call 100 knun, skali hasil sma jak ni. Makin bingung adalah. Makin xda line, xda lip lap sna modem. So much of an upgrading the system...masih di takuk lama! Bah pigi Penang nnt jgn lpa belikan aku fridge magnet ya. And enjoyed ur holiday. Ceh lama lg pun. Tp siok tu cuti2, tenangkan jiwa. Ngehh.

@Mel: Of course we will keep u updated WALAU ko xda fb suda. Another 1 month before kami bole tepuk2 bahu ko...congrats sbb tahan dugaan fb. Ngehhh. KL in Nov is Laura's idea. Sbb tix super murah. Blum lg ada siapa2 brani beli pun. Lol

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