11 February 2011

I will rindu.

Done with my packing! Woot woot.

Was doing 2 tasks at a time just now. While searching for the suitable attires to bring for the holiday, I was on the phone with Mr JP as well. Texting since evening.

Warning: Please click the X tab on the upper right side of ur screen should u feel bored bumping into too many Mr JP lately.

Flowers germinating in the garden hence the hard to explain geletis-ness. Please understand. I have ceased myself from having to experience this kind of feeling for years. I deliberately pushed the STOP button in order to deactivate anything associated to the situation. And I think it's just about time to resume thing I'd tried so hard to ignore stopped before. Slowly will I walk this time for I don't wanna stumble & fall like before. Enough with the bitterness from the past & it's time to shape the future. With His bless it is for sure.

Aku bakal rindu someone while I'm away. It's been a year since he first laid his eyes on me...yet it's only been a month since I was told about it. Worst, it's only been a week that we have started texting & calling each other. Kenapa cepat mahu rasa semua ini? *ugh ugh* Haish lah hati, sila bawa bertendang bertenang.

Does it really true that distance will only makes the heart grows fonder? *sigh*

Ok enough with all the jiwang karat. *uwek uwek* Berbaldi sudah orang muntah darah. Nggak sabar untuk berholiday. Nggak sabar untuk ke Kota Lumpur. Nggak sabar untuk tahu bagaimana rasanya rindu itu. Masih maniskah seperti zaman umur masih sedikit dulu? Ahaks. Namun paling nggak sabar, untuk kembali ke tanah air. Ngeh~~


2 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

mo kembali ke tanah air kunuk
bukan ko mmg d tanah air ka

BibiEr Karim said...

Ish klu suda gue ke luar tanah air la. Itu bah maksud sy.

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