10 February 2011

Chessy Life

Despite being on menses, I woke up preeeety early this morning. Boleh jak right after the azan mata sudah celik buntang. I decided to stop sailing, there's nothing to explore in the dreamland during the dawn. Later tonight sambung the adventure ye cik Soul.

Ahaks. 1 more day before leaving the town. Harus berkobar untuk cuti walau baru jak last Dec aku mencemar tapaki ke Kolumpur. And this time, aku excited untuk discover what the heart might be feeling being away from home. Oh yeah although I'll be away for a week only. Yang tau tahap geletis aku, paham lah KOT apa aku bebel ni. I know it's way too early to tell but when it comes to the matter of the heart...no one could understand it fully. Nor could predict what will happen next. I'm telling myself to just go with the flow. And so far, I feel like wanting to explore more. Baru seminggu pun, kayuh pelan2 orang bilang.

Frantic is the situation I am in, currently. I am so looking forward to each day of my life. Hmm, lebih bersemangat & dada rasa penuh. Sometimes it's dense when too many things hopped in. But I'm trying to experience & learn slowly. Swallow 1 thing at a time. There's nothing to rush, yes. But I have to be smart enough to grab the chance while it is still there. And let go when it is time. Holding something that is not yours is only a waste of time...let alone keeping thing that it's not yours to keep or hold. Life has much more to offer hence I chose to never stay at a pointless stop. Why welcome misery to enter your life when you can choose to walk away & find the true happiness. Ok fine, ayat tunggang langgang sila blame bunga2an dalam taman hati.

Will first stop at the market before going to the cafe this morning. Need to buy the things Angah & Dot ordered. To conclude, berbau ikan masin & ikan bilis lah luggage aku nanti. To hand carry the things is a big no-no for me. This time mau naik kapal dengan hanya tarik luggage AF & sling bag. No extra plastic or whatsoever bergantung di kiri kanan tangan. Choii!

Right, gotta go now. Need to shower before mother wakes up. Opss kedapatan masih bertaik gigi sudah online. Ngeh~~

p/s To Mr JP, thanks for making my day extra cheerful. Makaseh 'bunga'nya ya. To the ladies, thanks for the advices & ears. Much much loves!!


5 hollered!:

isabelle said...

patut la x mandi pun ko wangi bie...
hati berbunga2 rupanya

in THE name OF the WHO said...

cari tu jumpsuit sa...uwaaa~~!!!!


*kluar topik jap*

BibiEr Karim said...

@Belle: Wakakakak itu perli ke dari hati beb? A'ah wangi sgt, bau bunga matahari. Erkkk ada bau ye sunflower? Haha.

@Grunge: Ya lah ya lah...nnt sy cri. Klu xda, sy bli lain la baaaaa.

in THE name OF the WHO said...


BibiEr Karim said...

Oh harus!!!! Sy suka!

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