4 January 2010

Kampung Daun & Foot Reflexology

Aktivitas malam was properly arranged by the ever kindhearted hostess! Sebab aku sedang dalam fasa mengibar white flag, jadi harus Berry & Imot jak yang buka puasa. 

Kampung Daun ambience is really a place worth visitng! Situated in the deep hills north of Bandung; it is a unique cafe I would highly recommend this place for you people out there...if u happened to plan ur holiday to Bandung. 

I super love the environment. The smell of the nature that surround the restaurant make the mood even more dramatic. View during the late evening is the best; ever! Bunyi cengkerik sangat menarik jiwa. 

 Reached the place a bit early hence I took the opportunity snapping few pictures. Untuk kenang2an. 
 Souvenir shop at the entrance.
The sounds of the running water certainly put my mind to peace. Kampung Daun is a suitable place to run away from the hustle & bustle of city life.
Menu. Price-wise. I am a satisfied customer.
Hut for a larger group of people. 
At that time, nature works at its best. Greatest element to heal my wound.
My dinner. Makan ala tembolok walau siang sudah mencekik terlebih kadar.

This is how it looks like when the sun sets down.

After dinner, we went down the hill. Heading back to the central city of Bandung. Baru perasan kaki bengkak sebab banyak berjalan. So Imot brought me to a reflexology shop. There, they call it saloon. Fuh, sangat lega after sesi mengurut. And murah pula tu; lagi berbaloi2.

Spring Reflexology...insya Allah akan jejak ke sini lagi. Servis tip top memang susah untuk dilupa.


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