4 December 2016

Turkiye - Fendo Hostel / Planet Paprika Hostel, Istanbul

Property: Fendo Hostel
Date:  4 April 2015 - 5 April 2015 (1 Night)
Price: TL 33 (~RM 48.90) per night
Room Type: 2 Bunk Beds Female Dorm (Shared Bathroom)

Booked via booking.com

# Bar owned by the same owner of Fendo Hostel. This is also the hostel's reception area. I collected my room keys & made payment here. 
# My bed (lower bunk) & locker.
# The kitchen; located at the same floor as my room. It is just outside the dorm actually. The door on the left leads to the Male Dorm.
# Bathroom on the left. That door with the chalk paper on it is where the Female Dorm is.
# Water heater works just fine but the water tend to slow down or worst; stop when the bathroom at the lower levels were used. 
# Oh yeah, this kinda staircase is normal for most hostel in Istanbul. I called it the Ron Weasley's Staircase.
Property: Planet Paprika Hostel
Date:  5 April 2015 - 6 April 2015 (1 Night)
Price: TL 30 (~RM 44.10) per night
Room Type: 4 Bunk Beds Female Dorm (Ensuite Bathroom)

Was actually forced told to change hostel by Fendo's owner on my second night in Istanbul. More about it here

# Located just a few blocks away from Fendo Hostel
# A dorm that can accommodate up to 9 people. And I had this room all by myself that night.
# Another Ron Weasley's Staircase.
It got rather cold at night during my stay there. And I had to inform the hostel's manager twice; which means turun naik tangga berlingkar dua kali! In the middle of the night some more. Best advice, do remind the manager to switch on the heater before u get into the room. Remind him many times else u'll end up freezing like me. 

# The reception cum dining area. 
I don't have much to say about both hostels. Had quite a bad experience with Fendo Hostel's owner. But if u asked me about my one night stay there; I'd say I'm pretty satisfied with the facilities offered. Clean dorm & bathroom, comfy bed, good free wifi connection & the the power plug at each bed is such a bonus. By the way, both hostels did not provide free breakfast for their guest. But worries not, there are plenty of kedai makan scattered around the hostels.

As for Planet Paprika Hostel, the only downside of it was the room heater. Didn't get to know the owner as I checked in pretty late & went out the whole day the next day. And am also glad that he let me checked out late. Dapatlah mandi, bersiap & packing before I left Istanbul for Denizli late in the evening. 

Please check booking.com or Agoda for more information about these hostels.

Read: Sampai sekarang belum get over kes Fendo Hostel tu tau.


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2 hollered!:

liza said...

Nampak best hostelnya....syg owner plk wat hal....

Bibie Karim said...

Liza: Kan? Hostel tu memang best aku paling xleh lupa betapa empuknya tilam dia. Perfect untuk good night sleep after a long tiring day gitu. Tapiiiii owner cam hampas terus rasa xnak recommend kat orang.

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