9 December 2013

Prosperous Dec: Gloomy air, go away you!

Things have been quite disorganized for me lately. Life's been pretty pathetic as well. Despite trying to ignore the pains & let them subside or heal...I can't help but to dwell on it at times. I shall try harder.

Another 2 weeks before my long leaves. Hope everything will be back like before. I dislike the idea of leaving things unsolved behind. It will never be fair to the people involved. And it definitely shows no professionalism too.

Perhaps this whole thing has got something to do with the pre-holiday disease. Where everything seems to fall apart right before the holiday mode kicks in. 

I pray things to settle soon. I hope this gloomy atmosphere disappeared. And one thing for sure, I don't want to prolong this 'seriously NOT in the mode' kinda attitude. Its been days & yes, it's killing me bit by bit. I know I have no one to blame for it was me who allowed those things to affect my life. 

Insha Allah...things will be better, soonish. 

Note to self: Be grateful with what u've been granted. There are people who is in far worst situation than u are right now. Therefore, try dealing with whatever it is. And stop griping. Arasso Bie?



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