1 September 2013

Prosperous Sept: My Third Photobook

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

While the bestie is struggling to finish designing her photobook, I decided to upload this entry. She's losing the patience already...so I thought showing her the end product will inspired her to finish hers. 

She bought five deal coupons recently. All with an expiry date close to one another. Hope she will be able to redeem all coupons before the due dates. Aja2 hwaiting Ernie-ssi!

So this is my third photobook. Documenting my experiences & adventures in Europe. I received the Volume 1 several months back. Did two volumes for the 2 weeks holiday for I have too many pictures to be put in the book. Every picture tells a different story, yes?
Dear bestie; ur warmth hospitality during my one week staying at ur place is something I would never forget my whole life. You might say it's nothing but it surely is everything to me. For the memories we shared while I was there; none could ever replace them. Right, yang emosi simpan di rumah kan. Ngeks. 
Alhamdulillah. Dreams come true! Never thought one day I will stand before all these magnificent buildings & monuments. All this while, I was only able to look at them through postcards.
Be careful with what u wish for...Eiffel, till we meet again someday. Insha Allah.
The date I had with u wasn't enough, I am sure I will be back to ur place, Amsterdam!
Fulfilling the brother's dream this is. With the hope he will come & stand before the stadium one day. Or perhaps be in the stadium, watching his favorite players showing their skills on the field during a match. 
I hope I can do this again...exploring places I've never been to; alone. Solo adventure is tremendously exciting. And refreshing. Great way to channel out the depressions life forced me to swallowed. 
This majestic view will forever be in my mind. As long as Allah's permits. 

All my photobooks are from Photobook Malaysia. Satisfied I was with the first one, hence I made up my mind the next ones will be ordered from them as well. I've been looking for deal but there were none by them for the time being. 

Memories from my recent trip to South Korea with the ladies surely need to be photobooked. Can't wait to purchase another deal & get my hands on the designing part. Poyo!


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3 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

cantikla ko buat..kenapa saya punya tidak macam ko..

BibiErr Karim said...

Adeiii manada cantik tu. Last min punya kerja, bolehlah bikin kenangan. Sorou poh.

budak kampung said...

you can also try photobookmart next time. Tried couple of times. Rasanya ok sgt-sgt. ANd biasanya di hujung tahun samapai bulan 4 ada 50% discount. itu yang aku suka

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