27 May 2013

Prosperous May: Of Movie & Holiday

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Weekend passed by in a blink these days. We had Wesak public holiday on Fri but unfortunately I have to work the next day. Else it would have been a great 3 days work-free for Yours Truly. Never mind that for I got to watch super great movie last Sat night.  The Fast & Furious ain’t some ordinary film series; obviously. I followed the series since Tokyo Drift (Fast-3).

Yeah, I missed the two earliest parts. Wasn’t really into car racing & stuffs at that time I guess. To get to understand the whole plots of the movie, I downloaded all the previous parts the moment I got back from the cinema last Sat.

And yesterday, I was home all day. Completed my mission to watch the five previous parts. Satisfied.

*spoiler alert* Mr Jason Statham cameo in the last scene of Fast-6; the latest installment of the series had answered my question. Why did Han reappeared in Fast-5 because I thought he died after his car exploded in Fast-3.

Now that I got it all sorted out I reckoned Sean; the boy that Han trained in Tokyo will be in Fast-7. Together with the rest of the family, I think they will seek revenge for Han's death. My Handsome Jason will play the main antagonist. Thing I rather dislike! Well, another year to wait for the next installment.

On another story. I already start a bit of packing for my upcoming trips. Can hardly wait for the holiday to begin. I am like this; I prefer to pack my things a month prior any trip. Mainly to avoid panic attacks if I were to pack last minute. Of course this only apply to trip that will take more than three days.

I ain't backpacker nor traveller; I am in between those two. I read somewhere; I fall into the flashpacker category. Because I travel with means. I want a bit of comfort when I travel. I brought my gadgets hence I am not a backpacker. At the same time, I chose backpack rather than luggage so obviously I'm not a traveller. I don't makan mewah when I travel nor do I spend my moolah more on shopping. I prefer sightseeing but if things in the store worth buying, I won't hesitate to take them back home too.

Killing two birds at once doesn't harm; I only need to be wise in managing my financial when I'm abroad. In my previous travel trips; I noticed I rarely spent money on shopping. But for the next trip, I am planning on splurging for myself. Cheapskate planning to splurge? On food aku percayalah! We'll see the result later.


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4 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

had been trying to dload new movie using torrent tp suma x compatible sm my player.. mcmn mo tau tu file compatible ka tidak? wasting time tul oh-grungesuperbadasscute

Malicious Mind said...

ahh ni kali mana mo pergi besides going to Hong Kong bulan ni kan?

BibiErr Karim said...

Mau tau player ko bole main apa file. Baru ko download tu jenis file. Selalu flv or mp4 most players bole main tu.

BibiErr Karim said...

Mau berAnnyeonghaseyo duluan. Kunun buat misi mau ke sana every year. Hahaha.

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