21 April 2013

Prosperous Apr: Study (공부)

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Back to my online Korean class after months of putting the lessons aside. I've completed until Level Newbie 2 already. I know it's still a long way to go but I will never give up. 

Can't wait for June! Obviously I've been counting days since the day I got the flight ticket confirmed. The rest of the ladies in the upcoming trip assigned me as the guide. They seriously didn't know what they had gotten themselves into. 

Bersamalah kita berayam itik di sana if suddenly I lost the confidence to converse. I could only uttered four words confidently...Hello (안녕하세요), Thank You (감사합니다), Sorry (미안) & I Know (알아). The rest, masih stuck di kerongkong. Sekian.


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2 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

amboi! pukul kepala mcm d kdramaklu sangkut2 di kerongkong-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Saya kasi tinggal terus sana kalau main pukul. Sakit kama tu.

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