18 February 2013

Prosperous Feb: It has arrived!

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Gone were the days where I could go out for massage session during lunch hour...or have luncheon date with my ladies. I could reach home early; I don't have to deal with the traffic jammed. Bliss!

And be home early means I could clean the house everyday; vac & mop. Things I love doing. More times playing with the children, too!

I started the day a bit gloomy. Me drama-ing. But my mood instantly turned super bright the moment I saw the delivery boy. Calling out my name & smile...like he always do whenever he enters the office. Nampak sangat semakin addicted with e-shop(s) sampai budak tu pun kenal kau Bie. 

The photobook I ordered from Photobook Malaysia has safely arrived this afternoon. Uber happy. Mau berpuluh kali sudah aku meninguk album tu. I purchased the deal offered in MyDeal few months back...at first I hesitated in completing the photobook. Lack of ideas was the excuse. It's just too time consuming to design the album. Therefore I waited until the semester break started. 

Alhamdulillah, wise choice. It turned out that the more free times I have, more ideas came naturally. I have three sweet weeks to complete two albums. After submitting my orders...regret embrace me. Why did I only purchase two vouchers??? sigh Now that the deal is over...menyesal adalah boleh buang ke longkang. 

I'm waiting for the second photobook to arrive. I've received an email containing the tracking number for the second order. Insya Allah it will arrive before the weekend. Can't wait!

Specially for a dear friend of mine; Ms Aima who requested me to blog about this photobook. Inilah ya hasilnya. Sila berkobar hati untuk membuat juga! 

Purposely chose the photo for the cover...trip artis memang gitu.
Perlu alert untuk deal super great dari Photobook Malaysia lagi. Volume 2 perlu diwujudkan. Ngek.
Memories...please don't fade. Looking at each of the photos in the album, saddened me. How I miss those moments I spent with my darling bestie there. One of the happiest holiday I ever had, alhamdulillah. 

Mau jejak kaki ke sana ndak tau bila lagi...sampai saat ini masih rasa seperti bermimpi. Sekian.


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3 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

Smart oh tu gambar sana coverpage

N.Aima K said...

jujurnya er aku tengok orang buat aku semangat sudah ni..lepastu kan lepastu..sudah install software..naaaaaaah masa susun2 tu aku mcm "eh malaslah" kwang2 ada lg promosi 40% tu kan..aiiihhhhhh semangat sila datang!!

BibiErr Karim said...

Ernie: Mau tinguk tu photog sepa juga. Makaseh bawa pi sana & ambil gambar fav juga.

Aima: Tolonglah bersemangat. Hihi aku mula2 pun malas ndak da ampun tapi once bulatkan nekad, alhamdulillah siap. Tengok hasil sangat gumbira ok.

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