6 January 2013

Edisi: Year End

*outdated entry*

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

It’s the second day of a brand new year. Or is it the fifth day already? Fine, I've put this entry in the draft folder for three busuk days! 

Anyways, nothing quite interesting happened as yet. I had sushi luncheon date with Bunda yesterday before we headed to Angah’s house in Telipok. Right, am not going to story-telling about what I did on the new year. 

Pictures below taken few days before 2012 ended. Literally telling how I spent my last three days in 2012. Be warned, this entry is loaded with too many pictures.

On the evening of the 29th, I attended one of my close guyfriend's wedding reception at One Borneo ballroom. Went there with the Rio's. Harus car pool sebab Ms G pity me who have to drive all the way from Beverly; alone. Told her many times already...do not show too much love for I tend to take that for granted. Huh?!

I personally love this customized magazine. Photos during their pre-wed photoshoot are printed in this magazine-like album. Hmm...nanti time aku, macam mau tiru ni konsep. Tettt. The doorgift was filled with my favourite ferrero chocs! Makan time2 tu juga ah.

Bunting I super like, too! Semualah bah like kan Bie. Yang attract aku haruslah the color! Such sweet combinations; white & pink & black.
Ms G.
Us ladies & the children. Friends from my diploma years. 
The newly wed. Yeah the groom finished that drink in the jug; in one shot! Not the one in the glass ok! Enough to tell us how happy he is for getting hitched.
We were seated at the back; near the entrance door. Hence no pictures with the pengantin at the stage. Nor there are pictures during the cake cutting ceremony. Too lazy to drag my lemak-full ass to the stage area.
Gambar solo adalah perlu. Loving my peplum dress I bought online from Colourcyle*Boutique. I shall get rid of those fats residing in my arms & tummy asap! Putting this dress on, I tend to hunch more in order to hide the drawers at the belly area. Ok kenapa perlu suddenly promo peplum bagai?! And kutuk lemak sendiri? Ugh.
Congratulations to both of u. Thanks for inviting. I pray for ur marriage be filled with happiness, many good fortunes & blessings.

On the 30th, we had a simple bbq at Olumis Pogun. Official name for Syl+Unang'snew home. It was a double celebrations; in commemoration to the year end & house warming. Jackie & husband who went back to Sabah for their Christmas holiday joined us as well. It's not like everyday we could meet each other like that.

A place called home. Congrats!
Buat busy padahal the lady who went down to KK all the way from Tenom; did all the cooking. We only helped with the preparation. 
Guys did what they do best? Kerja panggang memanggang definitely serah sama diorang. 
We had the exchange gift session as well. Simply to make the evening merrier. 
And of course 'hadiah masuk rumah baru' as we called it. Happy hostess she is. "Ndak payah sudah beli ni...ni...ni"
This goes to the frame. 

We parted quite early that evening as Yours Truly still need to work the very next day.

I didn't do anything special on new year's eve either. Stayed at home with Bunda; layan aktiviti solo. Me with my Kdrama marathon (again??) through the lappy...and the Madam stick in front of the tele till midnight. We ain't into the countdown kinda thing so; staying at home is always the best. Ndak stress stuck in traffic jammed...because road blocks were everywhere that night. As what I've been told.


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Anonymous said...

Ms G??? Wow!!! wakakakaka.... lapar balik tingu tu mknnnnnnnnnn!!!!-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Bila la kunun mau execute tu diet program. Makin rancak lagi list down tempat makan kan.

Anonymous said...

okla tu,,mcm ur latest post, twice/month.... kita mesti enjoy duit gaji kita..hahah..klu bukan on retail therapy, on foods and the most important thing, simpan sikit utk travel..muhahahah...-grungesuperbadasscute

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